Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Ziad Ghanem was born this way!

Ziad Ghanem's show left audience members clutching to dear life at the edge of their seats.... what a dramatic show! The designer and genius joined forces with the lovely ladies at Pop PR to produce a fashionable freak show that will be forever on my lips. Whilst taking a seat at the beginning and anticipating cliche but fabulous designs it seems I didn't have the slightest idea what would be in store. The runway show consisted of outlandish theatrics which could possibly be featured in a Lady Gaga video, all I could hear in my head throughout was Lady Gaga - Born This Way haha, she so should have been present!

The monster like but fashionable clown looking couple who opened the show.

Vagina's and nipple's were on show - mark my words.

I NEED this dress.

Black veil? I can not tell whether it's a wedding or a funeral

mini diva in bridal wear

What a master piece

If you weren't at Freemasons hall at 8.15 on Tuesday where were you? It was breath taking.  Ziad Ghanem and Pop PR did an amazing job to ensure we all left on a high.... all I can say is... Next season....?

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