Friday, 9 December 2011

Perfect My Bust!

Source: Alexis

Hi Guys, I was sent this message by someone who is a regular reader of my main blog La Bella Vita 9, I felt like I should dedicate a whole blog post addressing this because I have had a lot of people come up to me and ask me how do they solve a fashion problem like big boobs lol!
Having big breasts when you are someone who is really into high fashion can be tricky, take me for example; my ample bosoms are a 34F/36E (That will be the first and last time I disclose me bra size lol) and I have had times when me and my chest have had disagreements especially when it comes to me wearing fitted shirts.

But the biggest tip I can give to you hun... Work with what you have!
Always stick to your own personal style, but below I will show you ways you can make big breasts work.

Me: Rami Coco

Wear a statement necklace! Perfect because they are in trend now, my sister bought me this two years ago from Topshop and it sits on my chest and is an eye grabber as you can see. You don't need to hide your breasts, you can just team with affordable items like this to make an outfit work!
Especially since it's the holiday season, all things glitter, sequins and beaded detailing are in; perfect for us chested ladies right? Wearing embellished tops with a rounded neck cut similar to the one pictured is very ideal. All eyes will immediately be drawn to the delicate pattern.(first image)

Me: Rami Coco

When I first saw this jumpsuit from Topshop last Christmas; the first thing I could think about was how it would flatter my boobs. Mainly because it diagonally crosses and folds over the front of the jumpsuit.

Source: Kenke

Wearing things accentuate your waist line are really important, take Kenke pictured above, she has a larger chest but that is not where the main focus is, it's her waist. Whether it's dresses that come in at the waist or outfits similar to that pictured above. This trick will definitely draw attention to your waist rather than your breast. Do not wear with a tight top, because that's where your breasts will be the main focus.

Me: Rami Coco

Here I am wearing a jumpsuit from the lovely Marks and Spencer's which is so perfect, the frill detailing sits directly above my breasts, literary cutting my chest in half. Because the frills are so pretty, that's where the focus will be first and foremost. 

Hope this has helped, just remember to love your chest, plenty people have surgery to enhance them! Avoid too much cleavage because it can come across a bit tacky/page 3 especially when you have a chest like mine.
Good luck! Stick to the style you love but just make sure it suits your body before you make the big purchase.

Happy Shopping x

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