Thursday, 19 May 2016

25 Lessons I Learnt by 25!

25 - Save your money and pay yourself before you pay these retailers. You are your biggest investment and you never know what the future holds. That job that pays you every 28th of the month can easily cut the chord... How will you support yourself until you find the next venture? 
24 - Make new friends! Always. Never be too shy to leave your pack and mingle with new people. Drake's 'No New Friends' mantra is not the way forward - I promise you! Of course you should be careful with who you decide to make your confidant...which is a whole different level of friendship anyway.
23 - Whatever you choose to do in life, stay consistent at it. New things and change is hard; staying the same and not growing is hard - choose your hard.
22 - Find a hobby, it's almost the only way to discover what love.
21- Grades matter but not too much. The people I know who got 2:2's are fine. The people I know who got 2:1's are fine. The people I know who got 1st's are fine - it's the ones who didn't have a plan who are not fine.
20 - Book a flight and discover somewhere new, preferably long haul journeys. Getting off the plane and having a culture shock is phenomenal. If you can't afford long haul journeys, there are lots of beautiful places to visit in Europe (assuming you're British).

19 - Don't force friendships. The right ones stay. Everyone is busy and you should never feel like you're CONSTANTLY chasing anyone. Know your value!

18 - I'm cool with wearing trainers everywhere and do you know what... I don't care.

17 - Write lists! Shopping lists, 'to do' lists, life lists, tasks when you get into work lists ... Just write lists!
16 - It's okay to fall in love and let someone love you back. Pain is painful but building barriers is painful too. People are always in your life for the right reason and during the right season and if they leave, you can almost guarantee they left with a lesson. I remember when my now boyfriend called me his girlfriend and
I was so overwhelmed with the title and wanted the ground to swallow me up, we hadn't discussed or confirmed this step but I was so deluded I didn't see where our companionship was heading though I liked the idea of being with him - especially after being hurt by someone I was 'with' before him. But I just let go of that fear and it feels pretty... ok. 

15 - Things don't always require a response, sometimes sit back and bite your tongue.
14 - I'm bubbly and playful - kinda like my friend's dog I met in LA and I pray I never change. (weird that i just compared myself to a dog but he's the most lovable, playful, fun and sweetest thing ever). But in all seriousness, I used to hate being called playful in college, and loud. I remember me and my best friend would sit on the phone and plan to be quiet the following week. (#LOSERS) Who plans ahead and tries to prepare themselves to be quiet? It's so ridiculous. 'It's all the shy and quiet girls the guys liked after all', right? Don't change for anyone. As I'm getting older I have calmed down of course, but my bubbly and outgoing personality is the reason I've bagged every job I've had. 'We just love your personality', 'You will bring so much energy to our team'.... BE YOU!

13 - Working for free and getting yourself out there CAN get you places. Make contacts, learn on the go... you're being trained and not paying for it. That's the mindset you should have! I was doing internships every summer during university. Think about it this way.... You all graduate, you're all each other's competition (let's be real), what set's you apart? 

12 - Keep studying and feeding your brain.

11 - Family is irreplaceable! I recently went to Los Angeles, met and stayed with my dad's brother (before I stayed with a friend) and do you know what? It was amazing! They fed me, took me everywhere I wanted to go and I even got birthday money (whoop whoop). There's nothing like family, no matter where they are across the globe - it's so important you value and reach out to family if you can. 
10 - Learn new recipes, YouTube, Google, there's so much access to recipes. I'm focusing on dishes from my native country Nigeria this year.

9 - Your body is a temple! Health is wealth, my immune system hates me right now so I'm working on it. 

8 - 'Look cover write check' still works for me 20 years on. I remember learning this revision method in year 2 while I was at primary school and it's helped me remember/cram all through college, university and while preparing for job interviews.
7 - Want a job? Apply for it. Never question your worth but be wise enough about your skill set and abilities, you never know what you're capable of until you're thrown into the deep end. But as Richard Branson once said, 

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”
6 - Always aim to be valuable and irreplaceable... Bring something to the table no matter what job/career you're in. Even if you're working folding clothes and it's not where you want to be, start instilling these lessons now. Learn to be indispensable and have an unwavering work ethic.
5 - Calm down! Don't stress too much, most fun life experiences come from trying to figure it all out. Be proactive and enjoy the ride. Remember, you can't be faithful and fearful at the same time.
4 - Live within your means. Can't afford it? Don't get it yet, it'll feel much more of an achievement when you can afford to get it comfortably!
3 - Stop wallowing in your own self pity, your happiness is paramount but it's up to you, if you don't like something change it.
2 - Tell your parents you love them as much as you can. As you're getting older, you forget that they're getting older too.

1 - Learn to LOVE you and work to be the BEST version of you possible. Your relationship with yourself is the longest one you'll ever have.

Those were my top 25 lessons I've learnt in the past quarter century. Have any similar to mine? Or different? Tweet me: @Ramicoco!



  1. Brilliant post!!

  2. Love this rami! Always be you, one of the best things about you is your energy and you remain consistently approachable xx

  3. Thisnis such a great post i love it

  4. Love it!!! DON'T STOP WRITING!!!!!!

  5. write on Rami,welldone,lovely post.

  6. I love this! Always be true to your own being :D!


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