Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Beauty Haul x

Hey buddies, as promised I am going to do a beauty haul! yay, lol. Please don't judge me; I didn't buy this all in one day, it was in the space of two weeks or so. lol. First rule of this post: No one is allowed to blame me if they go and purchase any of the following items! Cheers in advance... lol. Now I was just watching some YouTube tutorials as you do and I found myself taking note of some of the items a Vlogger used in her video. It's so addictive, my eyes were just glued to the screen in amazement - so much talent out there... LOVE IT. Anyway..... here it goes!

Acid 570 palette - Sleek, £6.49

Studio Tech NC50, MAC, £23

Brush Cleanser, MAC, £8.50

Paint Pot; Groundwork, MAC, £14.50

190 Foundation Brush, MAC, £26

Oh So Special 658 - Sleek, £6.49

Rimmel Eye shadow, Poundland, £1 

Topshop Highlighter 'Sunbeam' - £9

Ocean Salt Facial Scrub, Lush, £6.75

City Block Sheer SPF 25 (used as primer), Clinique, £16

Foundation Nozzle, MAC, £3

Dark Contour Kit, Sleek, £6.50

Spa creams (Came in a pack of four), Sanctuary, £6 - On sale

Clinique free and Rimmel 'Sexy Curves' Mascara - Superdrug £8.19

And that's a wrap guys! xoxo

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