Wednesday, 21 August 2013

It's Official... He's My FAV!

I got tired of tweeting my love for J. Cole and writing obsessive whatsapp statuses telling the whole of my contact list what song I'm currently humming along to and why, so I decided to blog about him! (Last mention... I promise, and then I'll retire)

J. Cole keeps Hip Hop alive!
I have always been quite a big fan of J.Cole, I first got introduced to him during my time at University by a follower of mine on Twitter. When I first heard his voice, his flow, and his words... I fell in love, no exaggeration; I was infatuated by his voice, was smitten with his lyrics and besotted by his passion and poetical content. He had no flaws in my eyes. If you have been following my online footsteps, you may remember a point in 2010 where his track "Higher" was the theme song to my tumblr La Bella VIta 9 which was from his third mixtape 'Friday Night Lights' with songs such as "Cost Me a Lot”,” Premeditated Murder", "Home for the Holidays", "Love Me Not" and "In the Morning" featuring Drake (which I used to fall asleep to HASHTAG - cringe). I was the one in my Uni house who loved music so I would play the mixtape out loud, open the doors, windows and I had all my housemates fake rapping in our corridor.

Then he disappeared... </3

I moved on and went back to Drake, I almost lost faith in him but saw him pop up a few times like in Beyonce's "We Like To Party" replacing Andre 3000....

... But that wasn't enough for me, if you know me I love music just as much as I love beauty, I'm always trying to hear whats new and I like a variety. So when J. Cole went missing (to record this album of course) it's like I kinda forced myself to get bored of him.

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