Tuesday, 30 October 2012

October's Haul! :O

Hey my darlings! This week I'm coming at you with a haul (that I DESERVE so no daggers please, saving resumes 1st of November ;) ...) i'm just going to go through them for you, let you know what I think of them and where they are from like I usually do.

First in my new Lancôme foundation, I LOVE this foundation so much, I've been spreading the word out there this whole month. It's very nice and it has a nice smooth finish. this is shade 11 and I'm sure it was £28

Estée Lauder nail polish, MAC sponges, MAC tapered brush in 138 (excellent for contouring the face), more info on the blusher and lipsticks below...

I was so excited initially to get this product, when I started using it, it was amazing but as the days went by it started to run on my face... I'm now used to it and it is absolutely perfect, I switched up my skin care regime as I had recently changed from a dry combination skin type to and oily one. This has all been rectified and I am back in love with it, FULL post coming soon. The Ben Nye Banana powder was £11 from eBay.

My gorgeous knee high boots from Zara £59.99 (they actually go over my knee... yum)

Zara shaggy fur jacket (forgot :(....unfortunately)

Lancôme's new fragrance with gifts £39

What I'm most excited about, my CUSTOM MADE  rings!! now I really don't know what to call these, knuckle rings? :s I don't know. They are so chic and in trend right now, celebrities like Rihanna, Alexa Chung and Ciara are wearing similar. These were made by an up and coming jewellery designer who doesn't want to be revealed until she is fully established but I'm sure you can find similar on-line :) 

Blending sponge, £2. These sponges are amazing and this actually isn't the first time I have purchased them, they make my foundation look SO flawless and airbrushed. This is one of my TOP recommends and it is so affordable. The original beauty blender was £20 but I'm pretty content with this... £18 saving!

MAC's prep and prime for lips, it's supposed to smoothen your lips and make the application better. My friend says it makes her lipstick stay on all day but I am yet to see these effects to be honest.

Cheap as chips triangular jewellery from eBay.

My FAV blusher so far hands down, MAC's pinch me. This was my 5th attempt for a clear capture but it just wasn't doing it. I love love love this blusher!

Last but not least, my fab new MAC lipsticks (in order) ;

*Pink Nouveau
*Up The Amp


Thursday, 18 October 2012

Storage & Tools x

Hey guys, I'm STILL getting questions about my make up storage and tools even though I have done a bit of a post about it so this will be a post just explaining what I have and where you can purchase and also some affective ways that you can use your storage.


As you will be able to tell from below I do have more tools than this but these are my most used tools that I use to (try lol) and perfect my make up. Sooooo.....
1. MAC 138 tapered brush (I use this to contour my face similar to how Kim does to the lady towards the end of this video)

2. MAC 150- I use this to blend all my contour and any other powders I use that day or to apply bronzer
3. MAC 187 - To blend in my foundation 
4. MAC 130 - To blend in my concealer under my eyes and the fan on my forehead
5. MAC 190 -This brush I use daily but I'll never ask anyone to purchase it, all I use this for is to literally do dots of foundation on my face before I use my 187 or blender sponge to blend my make up in. This brush gives me streaks if I try to use it to blend my foundation.
6. Blender sponge - to blend all my foundation in, literally I just dab the make up on my face and it blends in perfectly. I got it from eBay
7. EcoTools brush from Boots - when I do a smoky eye and I put gel liner on my bottom waterline and use this to blend it out
8. MAC blush brush from a gift set
9. I don't even know where this brush was from, I stole it from my sisters make up bag years ago and I've loved it ever since. I use this to apply the concealer around my brow before I fill it in with pencil (yes I do it the other way round from most but... blah)
10. MAC flat brush from a gift set  - I use this to blend all the excess concealer away from my brows
11. MAC blending brush from gift set - I use this contour my nose and blend in my eye-shadow


Two drawer acrylic storage wide without the flip top lid from Muji, you can get it on-line but I purchased mine from the Muji store near Oxford Circus McDonalds in London.

Here are some pictures showing how I separate my make up:

Eyeshadow palettes, all from eBay

Acrylic lipstick holder from Ebay

Three drawer small acrylic box which I use to store most of my lipsticks, Hombase

Lastly, glass tumbler which I use to store all my brushes was £1 or something from M&S



Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ben Nye vs MAC

When I put on my concealer to highlight my face I always get creases, after reading reviews and taking advice from many I decided to purchase a translucent powder. The first one I purchased (below) was from MAC, I also decided to purchase some wedge sponges (also from MAC) to make the application process easier. I started to highlight my face using my MAC Studio Finish Concealer in 'NC45'. This is the BEST concealer in my opinion I've tried a few of the others and this may just be the best texture for highlighting, or I'd use my Clinique Even Better concealer in 'Nutmeg' which is very similar to MAC's. I use the 130 to blend it all in which creates an airbrush effect and then I'd use my translucent powder from Mac to set the make up then a fan brush to dust it off. I'd look like I had white powder on my face but by the time I'd walk to the train station or use my Fix + spray the white look disappeared. I was in love with it for the first two days until I then started to look like I was diseased lol if I touched the highlighted part of my face, you would see a finger print and then it started to look like someone sprinkled oil on my face... I really can't explain but I just had to stop using it.
I then decided to purchase Ben Nye' s banana powder and I loved this from day one, it gave me so much colour and made my highlighted area appear so bright!

My make up looked flawless and then the SAME thing started happening to my skin. I'm actually quite confused now and I don't know what to do. I'd recommend both if your wearing for short amounts of time but after my 8 hr days at work, this is what I look like. Hmmmmm maybe it's my skin? But I'm not oily. Any recommendations?


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Olivia Palmero - My Style Icon

When people ask me who my style icon is I never stutter, it has been the same female for many years, from when I used to watch 'The City' on MTV, I literally fell in love with this woman even though everyone claimed she was up her self and a bit of a bitch. She has always carried herself with so much grace...

Meet Olivia Palmero

I love her! She never makes any mistake with her outfit choices! Take a browse through some of my favourite snaps of her! xox

olivia-palermo- 22

olivia-palermo- 20

olivia-palermo- 22

olivia-palermo- 25

.... And even in black my girl kills it...
..... Whether casual....

olivia-palermo- 1

....or dolled up.... 

Olivia Palermo Olivia Palermo attends the Marchesa Spring 2012 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Plaza Hotel on September 13, 2011 in New York City.

Who is your style icon?

I'd love some new Style-spiration


Sunday, 7 October 2012

Top 5 Fragrances!

Just a really quick post about my favourite fragrances that I recommend you buying, I love really sweet smells! And these fragrances just do it for me!

So in order of my favourites;

1. Coco Chanel Mademoiselle
2. Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb
3. Lolita Lempicka EDP
4. Gucci Guilty
5. Rihanna Reb'l fleur

If you're trying to be cost effective, you should really try Rihanna's Reb'l Fleur as it's quite affordable, or why not try the classic Britney Spears - Fantasy? I used it 5 years ago and i really liked it, it's definitely worth the money and it's a nice purchase if you've just started wearing perfumes. If you want something even cheaper, why not visit a market? They have oil fragrances that you can purchase for as little as £5 and they have so much variety, I went to Elephant and Castle market recently and found a stall opposite Santander near the tube station and they had so much it was amazing!

 One of my worst fragrances I have to say has to be Kylie Minogue - Darling because it doesn't last at all. I spray it and 30 minutes later the smell is gone. It does smell okay, but it's just not long wearing. But can I really complain? It is eau de toilette so...

What's your fav? Any recommendations?


Friday, 5 October 2012

Nail me downnnn!!!

I was sent these beautiful nail lacquers from Ciate and I must admit, it was love at first sight! The packaging did it for me first and foremost. The cutesy bow on the front of the bottle showed how much attention to detail had been paid. I was sent five bottles, four coloured and one nail treatment and I've tried every single one so I thought now would be the perfect time to do a review! I love the fact that the brushes allow you to give the best strokes every time and the colours are very pigmented. One thing I have to say however, is that they did chip quite easily :(

I don't know if it's just me! I have a problem with nail polishes lasting long on my nails, I paint it and on the same day it's all chipped - if I have a nail colour on for more than two days; it's a miracle! I've invested in and been sent nail polishes by Essie, Lancôme, OPI, Revlon, Rimmel, Clinique and more.  None of them stay on my nails! I've been told I have oily nail beds, so I'm still searching for that perfect formula. If you have any recommendations or if you have the same problem, tweet me! @RamiCoco

While saying that, I can't wait to purchase the caviar bottle!

Whilst we are on the topic of nails, I want to show you my new purchase! It's Estée Lauders Pure Color in 65 Sweet Pea! I'm in love with this shade and it's my nail color of the month as October is the month for cancer awareness (pink), I put Essie's 'matte about you' on as a base and a top coat to create this matte affect. How cute! ^,^

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