Thursday, 18 October 2012

Storage & Tools x

Hey guys, I'm STILL getting questions about my make up storage and tools even though I have done a bit of a post about it so this will be a post just explaining what I have and where you can purchase and also some affective ways that you can use your storage.


As you will be able to tell from below I do have more tools than this but these are my most used tools that I use to (try lol) and perfect my make up. Sooooo.....
1. MAC 138 tapered brush (I use this to contour my face similar to how Kim does to the lady towards the end of this video)

2. MAC 150- I use this to blend all my contour and any other powders I use that day or to apply bronzer
3. MAC 187 - To blend in my foundation 
4. MAC 130 - To blend in my concealer under my eyes and the fan on my forehead
5. MAC 190 -This brush I use daily but I'll never ask anyone to purchase it, all I use this for is to literally do dots of foundation on my face before I use my 187 or blender sponge to blend my make up in. This brush gives me streaks if I try to use it to blend my foundation.
6. Blender sponge - to blend all my foundation in, literally I just dab the make up on my face and it blends in perfectly. I got it from eBay
7. EcoTools brush from Boots - when I do a smoky eye and I put gel liner on my bottom waterline and use this to blend it out
8. MAC blush brush from a gift set
9. I don't even know where this brush was from, I stole it from my sisters make up bag years ago and I've loved it ever since. I use this to apply the concealer around my brow before I fill it in with pencil (yes I do it the other way round from most but... blah)
10. MAC flat brush from a gift set  - I use this to blend all the excess concealer away from my brows
11. MAC blending brush from gift set - I use this contour my nose and blend in my eye-shadow


Two drawer acrylic storage wide without the flip top lid from Muji, you can get it on-line but I purchased mine from the Muji store near Oxford Circus McDonalds in London.

Here are some pictures showing how I separate my make up:

Eyeshadow palettes, all from eBay

Acrylic lipstick holder from Ebay

Three drawer small acrylic box which I use to store most of my lipsticks, Hombase

Lastly, glass tumbler which I use to store all my brushes was £1 or something from M&S




  1. Loving the acrylic lipstick holder! Need to go get me some storage haha! Great post chick


  2. Girrlll! That's quite a stash :-)

  3. I've been meaning to get the acrylic storage from Muji and that lipstick holder needs to be part of my storage solution too :)


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