Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ben Nye vs MAC

When I put on my concealer to highlight my face I always get creases, after reading reviews and taking advice from many I decided to purchase a translucent powder. The first one I purchased (below) was from MAC, I also decided to purchase some wedge sponges (also from MAC) to make the application process easier. I started to highlight my face using my MAC Studio Finish Concealer in 'NC45'. This is the BEST concealer in my opinion I've tried a few of the others and this may just be the best texture for highlighting, or I'd use my Clinique Even Better concealer in 'Nutmeg' which is very similar to MAC's. I use the 130 to blend it all in which creates an airbrush effect and then I'd use my translucent powder from Mac to set the make up then a fan brush to dust it off. I'd look like I had white powder on my face but by the time I'd walk to the train station or use my Fix + spray the white look disappeared. I was in love with it for the first two days until I then started to look like I was diseased lol if I touched the highlighted part of my face, you would see a finger print and then it started to look like someone sprinkled oil on my face... I really can't explain but I just had to stop using it.
I then decided to purchase Ben Nye' s banana powder and I loved this from day one, it gave me so much colour and made my highlighted area appear so bright!

My make up looked flawless and then the SAME thing started happening to my skin. I'm actually quite confused now and I don't know what to do. I'd recommend both if your wearing for short amounts of time but after my 8 hr days at work, this is what I look like. Hmmmmm maybe it's my skin? But I'm not oily. Any recommendations?



  1. I just ordered my Ben Nye Powder...I hope i dont have the same experience

    great Post XO

  2. well I wore it today and it was fine, but i used a different primer so maybe that was the issue


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