Sunday, 7 October 2012

Top 5 Fragrances!

Just a really quick post about my favourite fragrances that I recommend you buying, I love really sweet smells! And these fragrances just do it for me!

So in order of my favourites;

1. Coco Chanel Mademoiselle
2. Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb
3. Lolita Lempicka EDP
4. Gucci Guilty
5. Rihanna Reb'l fleur

If you're trying to be cost effective, you should really try Rihanna's Reb'l Fleur as it's quite affordable, or why not try the classic Britney Spears - Fantasy? I used it 5 years ago and i really liked it, it's definitely worth the money and it's a nice purchase if you've just started wearing perfumes. If you want something even cheaper, why not visit a market? They have oil fragrances that you can purchase for as little as £5 and they have so much variety, I went to Elephant and Castle market recently and found a stall opposite Santander near the tube station and they had so much it was amazing!

 One of my worst fragrances I have to say has to be Kylie Minogue - Darling because it doesn't last at all. I spray it and 30 minutes later the smell is gone. It does smell okay, but it's just not long wearing. But can I really complain? It is eau de toilette so...

What's your fav? Any recommendations?



  1. mmm I really need a new bottle of Dior 2. Its very lemon fresh but also smells seductive. I love it! It's so distinct, but pretty expensive. Worth it though!
    Erica xo

  2. I agree with the comment above.. I would recommend Nina by Nina Ricci Chance by Chanel and Amour Amour by Cacharel they smell lovely and Escada their fragrances never let me down!

  3. Ohhh how i want me a coco Chanel :( x

  4. thanks for stopping by my blog.
    i love the chanel and rihanna perfume always get complements whenever i wear it shows you dont have to spend alot.

    now following you

  5. The first two are my weakness,I just love the smell.


  6. I love love looove Rihannas perfume! It's defo one of my favs!


  7. Thanks girlies! I smelt Lancome's most recent fragrance today and it is to die for!!!


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