Wednesday, 31 August 2011

RayJewel Me

La Bella Vita Hearts predicts nothing but elevation for the savvy female behind the new beauty brand  Rayjeweled Beautyy . The 20 year old Essex University student from inner London who studies Bio medical science decided to take a leap of faith just a month ago by feeding her passion for hair, beauty and accessories. With Rachel Odunuga's business head in tow she decided to hand make the delicate and angel-like jewellery. After being sent samples of the new winter collection, I couldn't help but drool over some of the spectacular feathered pieces. We jumped at the opportunity to catch up with the young entrepreneur and CEO behind Rayjeweled Beauty.

Winter Collection Fav: La Bella Vita Hearts recommends!

 La Bella Vita Hearts: Describe Rayjeweled beauty
Rayjeweled Beauty: Rayjeweled beauty is one of the only beauty companies that cater to our customers’ needs. giving them a chance to become the designer or pick from our range of fabulous looks with our statement jewellery, makeup looks and hair. Enhancing the beauty of a lady.
La Bella Vita Hearts: That sounds great, now what influenced you into getting into jewellery design?
Rayjeweled Beauty: I love jewellery myself, however a lot of the time I can never find the right one in the colour I desire and I know a lot of other girls have this problem. Furthermore I have a passion for making people feel great and I enjoy designing. With my skill in jewellery making I wanted to share it with others and help them feel great in what I have made.
La Bella Vita Hearts: Okay and what would you say your unique selling point is and your motto?
Rayjeweled Beauty: Our unique selling point is the fact that I can produce what YOU want. I believe that’s what sets Rayjeweled apart from other companies. Our slogan is bestowed beyond basic beauty.

'Bestowed Beyond Basic Beauty''

 La Bella Vita Hearts: So did you teach yourself all the tricks of the trade?
Rayjeweled Beauty: I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos about jewellery making beauty (Pauses) However as I’ve made more and more items I have developed skills and ideas in making which I have not learnt. They have just come naturally.
La Bella Vita Hearts: There is a massive debate circulating now, especially since the rise in tuition fees, you are creating your own success in a field that has no relation to your degree. Would you say that it is necessary to attend University in this day and age?
Rayjeweled Beauty: I truly believe most people can make it without a degree, as I have grown up it has been instilled in me that I must go university in order to make it in life. If you would like to be a doctor (Pauses) Yes you will need a degree. However now that I am older I have seen business' grow from small foundations. A lot of the richest people in the world did not use their degrees to make it. A degree can only take you so far, not saying that we shouldn't go to university. A degree is a back up plan.
La Bella Vita Hearts: How did you set up your business? It must be difficult at such a young age especially being a student. What advice would you give to others? Even if it’s not fashion and beauty related paths they wish to enter.
Rayjeweled Beauty: Well for a few months I have been wondering how I should start this business. I did a lot of research about marketing and business before I actually brought this out. A lot of planning was involved. My best advice is whatever you want to do go for it and don't listen to anyone that wants to bring you down with them. I had a lot of people frown at the idea but I found it's important to surround yourself with supportive people and remember it's not a competition remember your aims and your passion.

 La Bella Vita Hearts: What do you see in store for Rayjeweled Beauty? Where do you want to be in 5 years?
Rayjeweled Beauty: I see many events including charity, also Rayjeweled beauty on everyone’s lips. In five years I want to be everywhere, every person will eventually be Rayjeweled.
La Bella Vita Hearts: Which celebrity can you picture wearing your designs?
Rayjeweled Beauty: I can imagine Rihanna wearing the earrings because her style is unique and so is my collection.
La Bella Vita Hearts: It's pretty evident that you are in love with feathers, if you had the chance; which feathered animal would you embody for a day and why?
Rayjeweled Beauty: (pauses and the laughs) I would have to be a peacock (laughs) because they stand out and they are beautiful.

La Bella Vita Hearts: Awwww. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to get to know more about Rayjeweled Beauty! We wish you every success in the future. One more thing…. where do we find you? How can we keep up to date with your events and latest collections and how can we purchase your fab and unique designs?
Rayjeweled Beauty: You can find me on Facebook Rayjeweled Beautyy or Phone: 07904403460 BB Pin:2160EC10 Twitter: @rayjeweledbeaut which I have just made and is still under construction.

Bournemouth Galore...

I have had the most amazing bank holiday weekend and it would be selfish of me not to share lol so here it goes!
On Saturday evening I hopped on the coach at London Victoria en route Bournemouth for my two and a half hour journey where I would be staying with my namesake and close friend for 3 nights and I had the loveliest time and met the most amazing people. The vibrant cosmopolitan town of Bournemouth is so gorgeous, no exaggeration whatsoever... golden sands and sparkling sea, a vast variety of shops, restaurants and a buzzing nightlife . There is certainly no shortage of things to do in Bournemouth. I FINALLY watched the Inbetweeners movie and I was cry-laughing from the beginning till the end, it was brilliant. After watching the trailer like a million times a day because I am so obsessed with the television series, you can most certainly understand why this was one of my highlights of the trip. lol

I didn't take that many pictures because I was having too much fun, but what I did take I will share with you guys. If you haven't been then i suggest you GO!

My 8p postcard ;)

Love my namesake to BITS

Her lovely mates who I had the pleasure to be acquainted with.

At the Richmond pub sipping on cider

I so wanted to purchase these especially the one with the union jack for my uni room. How cool would that be?

Me and Christos/ Kristos i dont really know how he spells it

My princess made me these friendship bracelets


Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My Spring blog post on - how things have changed for the better :)

I am a 20 year old undergraduate at the University of Kent and already I am considering whether or not I should purchase some anti-aging cream. After turning 20 in April and the daunting realisation that my graduation date is fast approaching, I began to think my life was coming to a complete standstill, so many things to do and achieve but difficulty gaining access to these areas. Aunties and Uncles asking when I would bring my husband home – weird because I haven’t even invested anytime into dating, that awkward silence always follows.  My lifelong dream of becoming a creative writer and publishing books aimed at young children, but where to start? It was only last week I stuck on my reading glasses, sat at my desk with a cup of coffee and did heaps of research. When I say heaps of research I mean I typed in my Google search engine, as if I’m talking to my friend... "What happens when" and "can I do....” At this moment I am doing ten deep sighs and rummaging through my room in search of my asthma pump. I am a very creative individual, writing, presenting and so forth have always been key areas of interest to me. So sitting in a stuffy office, at a very mundane job, scoffing donuts on my lunch break is not for me. As a matter of fact it is completely out of the question which is why I have been consistently applying for internships and work experience every morning for the past two weeks. After doing this and receiving minimal responses I have come to the conclusion that In order to get work experience, you have to have work experience. But no one is willing to give work experience to the inexperienced. *inhales asthma pump* There’s no use me complaining because I am aware of the current crisis and I have received overwhelming responses in all my retail applications to date, however I want to gain experience in the field that I wish to progress in not work in retail because that has no use for me in the future, then again I need money now so it’s like a ridiculous rollercoaster.  My aim is not to become a self absorbed celebrity and have my picture splashed on the covers of NOW and OK weekly, I just want to be successful in the field where I believe I have the most talent.
Be your own celebrity; celebrate yourself. It is essential that you do.
Now rewinding back to the relationship issue, I often question myself ‘What is there to gain from being in a relationship right NOW besides filling the void of loneliness and boredom?’ At my young age I mean. Now I am no feminist as you may have retorted at the screen after reading my last statement. But me being a student and trying to progress in my career and so forth, I have no time to juggle a man as well, there is plenty of time in the near future to settle down in a relationship, I have said to myself, the next relationship I get into, I have to see myself settling down with him. Often females make the mistake and put a man before your success when in a few years, actually months.... it’s likely you will not even be with him anymore.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Currently reading 'Pride and Prejudice' the epic and drama filled novel which is centered around love, wealth, upbringing and social standing. I remember reading the book as part of my English Literature GCSE I loved the book so much i got an A* for the coursework I was so fascinated by the book and its characters I felt like I was involved in the story. We were also advised to watch the film that was out in the cinema at the time staring Keira Knightley and in the screening I half fell in love with the stern and hard shelled Mr. Darcy. The genuine love they had for one another was the driving force behind their frustrating relationship which broke social boundaries and expectations in their society. (flicks page) I suggest you have a read too x


Wednesday, 24 August 2011

African Fashion Week London! #AFWL

So I was lucky enough to be invited to African Fashion Week as press! Twas nice, fab clothes all captured below, don’t have a proper camera unfortunately, that will soon change so I can bless you guys with quality stuff for your eyes. Anywhooo. I went along with Alexis who is a stylist and a great one at that (below) and her assistant. Online reviews described the event as ‘The premiere of the annual fashion week for African inspired fashion from all over the world.’ VENUE: Gibson Hall 13 Bishopsgate London EC2N 3BA There were collections by Kamondi, House of Nwocha, Embelished Truth - (they mostly had bags and accessories and do forth), Chiro and the BEST was saved till last and that was Tamara Joseph.


Martini's all round courtesy of Shine Communications

Martini party, yes by the alcoholic drink Martini. Shine Communications  who are behind Forever 21, EBay’s fashion outlets, GHD  and Martini held the party at a top secret location just between Liverpool Street and Shoreditch. As soon as we entered we were greeted with a glass of the taste bud tickling drink and canapĂ©’s on the side by gracious members of staff. At the venue was a lady doing eyebrows throughout the evening and a freelance nail artist from the huge and successful brand O.P.I, unfortunately I didn’t get my nails done but my friend Alexis did and her exclusive manicure looked fantastic; it was a struggle to not smudge them after we attended a fun hands on master class where they taught us how to make the finest dinner party finger food and how to make the perfect Martini mix. (pictures below) I must say I did learn a lot and I am very tempted to host my very own dinner party even though my attempts to meet the standard and presentation of the teachers where not the greatest haha!

Scrumptious canapes on DEMAND

Freelance O.P.I

Eyebrow threading at the venue

Martini on wheels, can you see the door in the back? that is what we had to come through. when they said secret location they did NOT lie.

My canape was absolutely atrocious :(

At the end of the night all our guests were treated with a gift bag, if I am honest one of the most extraordinary gift bags I have received to date. When I took a peep inside the big white paper bag it was very difficult for me to NOT cause a scene. Each guest received a MASSIVE bottle of Martini AND as if that wasn’t enough and IPOD SHUFFLE…. no you did not read incorrectly. And to top it off tasty recipes of desserts and sides… maybe I can host that dinner party after all loool.
Lovely evening, lovely company, lovely entertainment and lovely gifts.
Hi -5 to Martini and the Shine Communications team who went above and beyond to satisfy all the guests on Wednesday the 18th of August. x


Boohoo wow press with their A/W11 collection!

The afternoon of Wednesday 18th of august saw the unveiling of’s autumn/winter 2011 collection. It’s no secret that sells affordable yet chic pieces all year round, and this season will be no different. With most items hitting the near or below the £20 mark, looking hot in this upcoming chilly season will be effortless.
Some of the most eye catching must haves include the black maxi (pictured below) with a circular detailed cut out in the back also in electric blue perfect for dinner parties and classy events.
This season seems to be more 60s inspired with a 60s pop colourful range. In the range from boohoo colour blocking from last season has been revamped and reinvented to produce classic pieces in the sweetest shades of orange, blue and pink

i want these trousers!

With pencil skirts making a return, the boohoo team made sure to sneak the lovely skirts on the rails

One thing I loved about boohoo’s collection was the loose fit jumpers that team nicely with  maxi skirts, particularly the glittery one pictured with Alexis.

After my friend Kusheda predicted that snake print would be HUGE this winter, Reptile accessories were everywhere on the press day.

If you thought boohoo missed anything out you most definitely thought wrong, with a luxurious grunge collection, the very affordable WOW £15 dresses as seen on billboards (I saw it on the tube on the way to the venue), coloured and hooded fur, lush jewel tone pieces, metallic’s and glitter… need I go on?
I loved the location, so lovely, look at the mirror and the chairs; I wouldn’t mind doing a shoot there! Lol. We were also kindly given a £50 voucher to spend online, my first purchases will definitely HAVE to be the leopard print top above and the grey-ish multi-toned maxi skirt. 
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