Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My Spring blog post on labellavita9.tumblr.com - how things have changed for the better :)

I am a 20 year old undergraduate at the University of Kent and already I am considering whether or not I should purchase some anti-aging cream. After turning 20 in April and the daunting realisation that my graduation date is fast approaching, I began to think my life was coming to a complete standstill, so many things to do and achieve but difficulty gaining access to these areas. Aunties and Uncles asking when I would bring my husband home – weird because I haven’t even invested anytime into dating, that awkward silence always follows.  My lifelong dream of becoming a creative writer and publishing books aimed at young children, but where to start? It was only last week I stuck on my reading glasses, sat at my desk with a cup of coffee and did heaps of research. When I say heaps of research I mean I typed in my Google search engine, as if I’m talking to my friend... "What happens when" and "can I do....” At this moment I am doing ten deep sighs and rummaging through my room in search of my asthma pump. I am a very creative individual, writing, presenting and so forth have always been key areas of interest to me. So sitting in a stuffy office, at a very mundane job, scoffing donuts on my lunch break is not for me. As a matter of fact it is completely out of the question which is why I have been consistently applying for internships and work experience every morning for the past two weeks. After doing this and receiving minimal responses I have come to the conclusion that In order to get work experience, you have to have work experience. But no one is willing to give work experience to the inexperienced. *inhales asthma pump* There’s no use me complaining because I am aware of the current crisis and I have received overwhelming responses in all my retail applications to date, however I want to gain experience in the field that I wish to progress in not work in retail because that has no use for me in the future, then again I need money now so it’s like a ridiculous rollercoaster.  My aim is not to become a self absorbed celebrity and have my picture splashed on the covers of NOW and OK weekly, I just want to be successful in the field where I believe I have the most talent.
Be your own celebrity; celebrate yourself. It is essential that you do.
Now rewinding back to the relationship issue, I often question myself ‘What is there to gain from being in a relationship right NOW besides filling the void of loneliness and boredom?’ At my young age I mean. Now I am no feminist as you may have retorted at the screen after reading my last statement. But me being a student and trying to progress in my career and so forth, I have no time to juggle a man as well, there is plenty of time in the near future to settle down in a relationship, I have said to myself, the next relationship I get into, I have to see myself settling down with him. Often females make the mistake and put a man before your success when in a few years, actually months.... it’s likely you will not even be with him anymore.

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