Wednesday, 31 August 2011

RayJewel Me

La Bella Vita Hearts predicts nothing but elevation for the savvy female behind the new beauty brand  Rayjeweled Beautyy . The 20 year old Essex University student from inner London who studies Bio medical science decided to take a leap of faith just a month ago by feeding her passion for hair, beauty and accessories. With Rachel Odunuga's business head in tow she decided to hand make the delicate and angel-like jewellery. After being sent samples of the new winter collection, I couldn't help but drool over some of the spectacular feathered pieces. We jumped at the opportunity to catch up with the young entrepreneur and CEO behind Rayjeweled Beauty.

Winter Collection Fav: La Bella Vita Hearts recommends!

 La Bella Vita Hearts: Describe Rayjeweled beauty
Rayjeweled Beauty: Rayjeweled beauty is one of the only beauty companies that cater to our customers’ needs. giving them a chance to become the designer or pick from our range of fabulous looks with our statement jewellery, makeup looks and hair. Enhancing the beauty of a lady.
La Bella Vita Hearts: That sounds great, now what influenced you into getting into jewellery design?
Rayjeweled Beauty: I love jewellery myself, however a lot of the time I can never find the right one in the colour I desire and I know a lot of other girls have this problem. Furthermore I have a passion for making people feel great and I enjoy designing. With my skill in jewellery making I wanted to share it with others and help them feel great in what I have made.
La Bella Vita Hearts: Okay and what would you say your unique selling point is and your motto?
Rayjeweled Beauty: Our unique selling point is the fact that I can produce what YOU want. I believe that’s what sets Rayjeweled apart from other companies. Our slogan is bestowed beyond basic beauty.

'Bestowed Beyond Basic Beauty''

 La Bella Vita Hearts: So did you teach yourself all the tricks of the trade?
Rayjeweled Beauty: I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos about jewellery making beauty (Pauses) However as I’ve made more and more items I have developed skills and ideas in making which I have not learnt. They have just come naturally.
La Bella Vita Hearts: There is a massive debate circulating now, especially since the rise in tuition fees, you are creating your own success in a field that has no relation to your degree. Would you say that it is necessary to attend University in this day and age?
Rayjeweled Beauty: I truly believe most people can make it without a degree, as I have grown up it has been instilled in me that I must go university in order to make it in life. If you would like to be a doctor (Pauses) Yes you will need a degree. However now that I am older I have seen business' grow from small foundations. A lot of the richest people in the world did not use their degrees to make it. A degree can only take you so far, not saying that we shouldn't go to university. A degree is a back up plan.
La Bella Vita Hearts: How did you set up your business? It must be difficult at such a young age especially being a student. What advice would you give to others? Even if it’s not fashion and beauty related paths they wish to enter.
Rayjeweled Beauty: Well for a few months I have been wondering how I should start this business. I did a lot of research about marketing and business before I actually brought this out. A lot of planning was involved. My best advice is whatever you want to do go for it and don't listen to anyone that wants to bring you down with them. I had a lot of people frown at the idea but I found it's important to surround yourself with supportive people and remember it's not a competition remember your aims and your passion.

 La Bella Vita Hearts: What do you see in store for Rayjeweled Beauty? Where do you want to be in 5 years?
Rayjeweled Beauty: I see many events including charity, also Rayjeweled beauty on everyone’s lips. In five years I want to be everywhere, every person will eventually be Rayjeweled.
La Bella Vita Hearts: Which celebrity can you picture wearing your designs?
Rayjeweled Beauty: I can imagine Rihanna wearing the earrings because her style is unique and so is my collection.
La Bella Vita Hearts: It's pretty evident that you are in love with feathers, if you had the chance; which feathered animal would you embody for a day and why?
Rayjeweled Beauty: (pauses and the laughs) I would have to be a peacock (laughs) because they stand out and they are beautiful.

La Bella Vita Hearts: Awwww. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to get to know more about Rayjeweled Beauty! We wish you every success in the future. One more thing…. where do we find you? How can we keep up to date with your events and latest collections and how can we purchase your fab and unique designs?
Rayjeweled Beauty: You can find me on Facebook Rayjeweled Beautyy or Phone: 07904403460 BB Pin:2160EC10 Twitter: @rayjeweledbeaut which I have just made and is still under construction.

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