Tuesday, 22 May 2012

I Want!

What do you spend your money on?
 Experiences or possessions?
What drives you?
When you think of being successful, what is the reason?

I was thinking about this the other day.... I am someone who loves nice things, shoes... bags.... make up and etc. But what I want the most is to see the world, I want to visit different countries, educate my self, to write, walk in the shoes of others. I want to give, I have a lot to give and there are so many things I would love to change given the opportunity.
I am excited to provide, provide for my children, my mum and share with those around me (I cannot say provide for friends because they too will be successful in Jesus name) I want my children to live a different life to me, I want to never have to think twice about buying something, I want to enjoy the fruits of my labour to the maximum!

I can not wait.... so excited about my future and you should be too!


Spike That Leather!

When I get bored, I CUSTOMISE, I got this sleeveless leather jacket from H&M at one of their events last year and I was looking at it thinking 'blahhhh'. Which is why I brought out the scissors and spikes and got to editing. It takes so quick to do and its a bit fun lol. I love it now, cannot wait to rock my handy work. :)

What you will need:

Some Leather
Scissors (To make the holes or anything sharp)
Studs: eBay
The flat studs on the shoulders were given to me

Saturday, 19 May 2012

21st Birthday Prep & Pictures

Hey guys, I know this is so LATE lol, but I promised I wouldn't leave this post longer than a month after my birthday and tomorrow is the 20th of May so here it goes...


Before I begin, just so you don't get confused, I want to make this clear, my birthday was Friday the 20th of April, I planned to go to a bar in central London with my closest friends - which we did. For the Saturday I was meant to have a family dinner in a restaurant my sister said she 'booked' but in actual fact I had a surprise party in my house with the afrobeats DJ Neptizzle  playing. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

I honestly believe in relation to my image, I had the most organised birthday, it was actually becoming obsessive, lol. I had a few outfit choices (below) and I ended up choosing the red dress. I liked all dresses at first, I saw the feathered dress in the first picture like, last year September, but then the style of that dress became so popular then typical that I actually started to dislike it. There were similar styles everywhere. The second dress is so amazing, the only reason I didn't get it made was because I didn't know where to find the leather part, that was to be sewn in the top half of the dress. The third dress is the one I chose. The final image is what I was going to wear out on the Friday, my actual birthday, I found a similar blazer from ASOS and the black body con skirt you can find anywhere but I just happened to change my mind last minute, don't ask me why.
Some nails I found on Tumblr, and below, how I did mine

and here is what I wore for the Friday.....

and the saturday....

 Some Pictures of both days

I was asked if I would put up all the presents I got, but I think they are all quite sweet and personal, I will say the things that told you guys I wanted that I got. I got those £90 Topshop wedge/heel lace ups, I got the Rihanna perfume (two of them lol), The Coco Chanel perfume is on its way and I did get THIS.....
All my tumblr followers knew how much I wanted this YSL ring and I got it! wooooop.


Rescue Beauty Lounge - The Most Amazing Shades Around!

If you are anything like me, you'll have temporary obsessions with things. Sometimes I'll have a season where I am obsessed with make up and that's where all my money go, the next month it'll be perfumes and I'll stack up on the nicest fragrances and build a little collection and other times it'll be shoes (hence my last haul) where I will literally search through websites for the hottest pairs of shoes around.
Now... It's nail polish. I've already been through this faze this year and now it's back after discovering this American brand Rescue Beauty Lounge, some of my favourite shades are out of stock unfortunately as you can see above. The ones I really want are No More Wear, IKB: 2012, Pepto Pink, Yellow Fever, Starfish-Patrick and Bikini Bottom.

This shade above IKB: 2012, I have been searching for, for like FOREVER. Its so amazing and rich, if you know where I can find a similar colour let me know, I saw one from Essie but it's sold out now and I am really not sure if this colour will ever come back in stock :(

Friday, 18 May 2012

Chloe Green for Topshop

Hmmmmmm... what are you guys thinking about the heiress' shoe collection? Personally, I am not a fan, the regular shoes on the site are much nice. If I HAD to choose a pair, it would have to be the orange peep toe pumps, thinking about it, the mint platforms in the first picture are okay. The rest look a tad cheap.


Chloe Jade Green


Thursday, 17 May 2012

Romwe - Online Boutique

I tweeted about this website a while ago, but I have taken so long to blog about it, sorry.... :(
I found this website called Romwe, I love their clothes and the price tags that comes alog with it. Don't get me wrong, it's not cheap lol, but I think a lot of the things are worth the price.
The thing with this website is that sometimes you have to search through to find nice items, not everything will be to your taste, I knew what I was looking for though and I found it, so it was fine by me.

Some of the things that drew me to this site:

It's 20% off for ALL new customers
FREE international shipping
You can pay through PAYPAL

Check out a few of my purchased items below:



Hey guysssssss! I finished my dissertation, praise be to God my Alpha and Omega, the pain I suffered for that 15,000+ dissertation shall not be in vain, can I get an AMEN! loool.
Anyway guys, I know I said I wouldn't blog for a while but I just couldn't help it, so I decided to do a litttteeeeeeeee BIG HAUL *dances*. When you're stuck in the library 24/7 you kind of get carried away with the on line shopping which is why I have these new beaut additions to my sanctuary.

Shall we begin?

With all my exam stress I started to get the after effects on my skin, it looked so bad, I went to town purchased some Simple products, my skin is breathing easier already, I love it. At boots they are currently doing a 3 for 2 offer so head down there!

Next, this midi dress from ASOS, I love it so much, it looks so nice with my black heels, there is a large slit in the front and a cut out pattern on the sides.

This bird printed playsuit will be perfect for the summer, its so pretty. I purchased it from River Island. I can't wait to team with a nice pair of wedges in the daytime.

I really do not remember where I ordered this gillet from, I was on line somewhere and I found it. I plan to wear over a leather jacket.

I love, love this dress, It will be teamed with the pink wedges below. This from ASOS.

Another ASOS buy, my LBD, (it looks better on I must say) I tried it on with my hair up in a high bun, it looks so amaze *lovestruck*


Meet my new topshop wedges which I already plan on wearing with my long pink midi dress, above.

I feel like Zara is my new girlfriend, she makes me sooooooo happy, I am absolutely in love with almost everything in store, I love these shoes, I wanted to get them in every colour but I had to control myself, *sigh*

Finally, my favourite out of the bunch, meet my new pink topshop wedges... isn't she just beautiful... I'll leave you to drool :) x

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Cat Eyes!

Loving my cat sunnies!
I've had them for a while now but obviously because of the rain I've never worn them. I decided to wear them today, don't really care if it's not hot. When has that ever mattered? Lol

Love Eva's pair too. #Lush


Thursday, 3 May 2012

Shoes vs Dissertation

Hi Guys, who wants to be my sponsor? I want these shoes, all of them... lol. Just thought I would let you know.... yep... still dissertaioning.... in the mean time check out my tumblr with new tasty fashiony lickable pics uploaded EVERYDAY.... La Bella Vita 9
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