Thursday, 17 May 2012


Hey guysssssss! I finished my dissertation, praise be to God my Alpha and Omega, the pain I suffered for that 15,000+ dissertation shall not be in vain, can I get an AMEN! loool.
Anyway guys, I know I said I wouldn't blog for a while but I just couldn't help it, so I decided to do a litttteeeeeeeee BIG HAUL *dances*. When you're stuck in the library 24/7 you kind of get carried away with the on line shopping which is why I have these new beaut additions to my sanctuary.

Shall we begin?

With all my exam stress I started to get the after effects on my skin, it looked so bad, I went to town purchased some Simple products, my skin is breathing easier already, I love it. At boots they are currently doing a 3 for 2 offer so head down there!

Next, this midi dress from ASOS, I love it so much, it looks so nice with my black heels, there is a large slit in the front and a cut out pattern on the sides.

This bird printed playsuit will be perfect for the summer, its so pretty. I purchased it from River Island. I can't wait to team with a nice pair of wedges in the daytime.

I really do not remember where I ordered this gillet from, I was on line somewhere and I found it. I plan to wear over a leather jacket.

I love, love this dress, It will be teamed with the pink wedges below. This from ASOS.

Another ASOS buy, my LBD, (it looks better on I must say) I tried it on with my hair up in a high bun, it looks so amaze *lovestruck*


Meet my new topshop wedges which I already plan on wearing with my long pink midi dress, above.

I feel like Zara is my new girlfriend, she makes me sooooooo happy, I am absolutely in love with almost everything in store, I love these shoes, I wanted to get them in every colour but I had to control myself, *sigh*

Finally, my favourite out of the bunch, meet my new pink topshop wedges... isn't she just beautiful... I'll leave you to drool :) x


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