Saturday, 19 May 2012

21st Birthday Prep & Pictures

Hey guys, I know this is so LATE lol, but I promised I wouldn't leave this post longer than a month after my birthday and tomorrow is the 20th of May so here it goes...


Before I begin, just so you don't get confused, I want to make this clear, my birthday was Friday the 20th of April, I planned to go to a bar in central London with my closest friends - which we did. For the Saturday I was meant to have a family dinner in a restaurant my sister said she 'booked' but in actual fact I had a surprise party in my house with the afrobeats DJ Neptizzle  playing. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

I honestly believe in relation to my image, I had the most organised birthday, it was actually becoming obsessive, lol. I had a few outfit choices (below) and I ended up choosing the red dress. I liked all dresses at first, I saw the feathered dress in the first picture like, last year September, but then the style of that dress became so popular then typical that I actually started to dislike it. There were similar styles everywhere. The second dress is so amazing, the only reason I didn't get it made was because I didn't know where to find the leather part, that was to be sewn in the top half of the dress. The third dress is the one I chose. The final image is what I was going to wear out on the Friday, my actual birthday, I found a similar blazer from ASOS and the black body con skirt you can find anywhere but I just happened to change my mind last minute, don't ask me why.
Some nails I found on Tumblr, and below, how I did mine

and here is what I wore for the Friday.....

and the saturday....

 Some Pictures of both days

I was asked if I would put up all the presents I got, but I think they are all quite sweet and personal, I will say the things that told you guys I wanted that I got. I got those £90 Topshop wedge/heel lace ups, I got the Rihanna perfume (two of them lol), The Coco Chanel perfume is on its way and I did get THIS.....
All my tumblr followers knew how much I wanted this YSL ring and I got it! wooooop.



  1. Happy Belated BDAY! you looked awesome !!! love love love the dress :)

    1. I know it's more than a year too late but I'm just seeing this comment. Thank you & I look forward to checking out your blog


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