Tuesday, 19 June 2012

LAST haul of the summer?

Hey, hopefully this will be the LAST haul of the summer *sigh* and I'm moving back home now so you'll finally see me in some of this gear as I'll have someone to take pictures of me lol.
So, as usually I've been shopping and bought a few bits and bobs that I'd like to share with you. I have forgot the prices :( but I'm sure they will be pretty easy to find! I'm not going to write too much under the pictures, I have a tendency to ramble on don't ? Forgive me... lol

Love these BRIGHT pink wedges from Office coming in at £55, I have seen cheaper versions but they are no where near as comfortable and the quality is not as good, they are just as bright in person as they are in this picture.

These Topshop wedges where on sale, I forgot the original price but they went down to £40 and with my student discount they were £36 :)
I love this YSL charm bracelet, it is originally supposed to come with the perfume, I had no interest in the perfume so I bought it alone on line instead.
Nail Polish, my everlasting obsession, two new colours to the collection, or should I say shades as I have pink and blue already, these were from Superdrug. Remember a few posts back and I was in search of a blue this shade, I found similar by Rescue Beauty Lounge and Essie.

Love, love love all types of sandals right now and these ones from Topshop are no exception, how beaut are they?
This black draped blouse from Topshop £35, I wore with my black Topshop Lee jeans and the black Topshop sandals above.

'Love' 'Hope' 'Faith' and 'Peace' rings from Topshop, they did well with this one, loveeee the meaning!

Links of London Sweetie bracelet, I waited to long to receive!

Finally, these white wedges, I didn't actually buy these, they were sent to me. I am still a tad sceptical about them... what do you think?
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