Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Poor Value For Money!

I'm sitting cosy in my bed doing some research and watching Criminal Minds (Multi tasking queen) with a day off from work, so blog time! It's just a quick post about a few products which I think are poor value for money, not necessarily that they are all bad, it's just that I don't see the use of them that much and I haven't got my moneys worth out of them.

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette - There is actually nothing wrong with the palette but the colours are not to my taste, they are all sheer/shimmery. If you have been reading my blog you will see that I actually wanted the Naked 2 palette as it contains more matte colours, but on the day I purchased this I got a huge discount and I think I was under pressure so I chose the wrong one lol :( If anyone can give me any tips on better ways to use this, I would appreciate it.

2. Mac Translucent Powder - I really liked this powder when I first purchased it, it was white when I first used it but when I sprayed the Fix+ on top of it, it all blended in, the only reason why this is now poor value for money is because I fell in love with Ben Nye's Banana Powder and it's yellow undertone  matte finish. I simply just don't use this powder anymore and it's close to new.

3. Mac Prep and Prime for Lips - I initially requested this because one of my girls said it keeps her lipstick on all day, even though I didn't pay for this, I still think it's poor value for money. It doesn't do anything for my lips at all, lol.

4. Clinique's Chubby Stick - While I love their Chubby Stick Intense which has more colour and pigment to it, the initial Chubby Stick is sheer and doesn't give good coverage to my lips, especially because of my skin tone. It's almost transparent.   

5. Clinique's Plum Seduction Colour Surge Eye Shadow Quad - I just don't really like Clinique's eye shadows if I am honest, I don't think they suit my skin tone and I am not a fan of the pigment, however I do have the Like Mink Duo and the Choco-Latte quad and the brown shades in both palettes look nice when I'm going for a very natural look.

6. Mac Morange Lipstick - I'm actually not sure why I ever purchased this lipstick, lol, every time I do a look and prepare to go out, I rub it off, It's so bright and I look like a clown when I wear it. I have tried it on once with the Brick lipstick from MAC and it looked better, but again I rubbed it off before I left my house.

7. Kylie Minogue Darling EDT Perfume Spray - I don't usually go for EDT fragrances, always EDP and now I know why, this fragrance was so overrated, it's smells okay, all for five minutes but then the smell just disappears, lol. I think Kylie should stick to her day job.

8. Bobbi Brown Pink Sorbet Gloss - I wanted this gloss for a while after seeing it on someone else, I purchased it and not only does it look strange, but It burns my lips, lol. I have this minty burning sensation every time I wear it. *thumbs down Bobbi Brown*

I was also going to add Ysl's Rouge Volupte in shade 29 to this list (I'm wearing above) it was another pressure product, I purchased it from John Lewis and the beauty consultant made me feel so under pressure so I purchased it, when I got home I was so annoyed, this lipstick is so bright, it almost look luminous. Luckily, I teamed it with Cliniques 'plum' lip pencil and I actually like it now.


  1. Joli blog! Tu es très belle!

    N'hésite pas à faire un tours sur mon blog:

  2. I really like this post! That Naked Palette has been tempting me for a while now....but after all the reviews with this, I dont think its a purchase I'll be making!

    Lovley Post! XOXO

  3. Thanks for the comments guys and showing love on my blog, I would reply individually but I dont know how to (sad face)

    @jen yhhhh I have heard so much negativity, I dunno why I got it tbh

  4. great post hun,i have never bothered with e urban decay naked palette lol as for morange i wanted it for a while but when i swatched in store i preferred so chaud as it rather more wearable on my nc47 skintone ha! the ysl lippy does look gorgeous on u #beautiful#

    1. Thanks my darling,
      I will try So Chaud actually!

  5. I bought the so chaud mac lippy which is the matte version of morange and I hateeee it. I thought I could make it look a burnt orange with my cork or chestnut lip liner but boy was I wrong


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