Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Products Worth The Hype

Hey guys! Believe me or not, the week or so I've spent away from the blogsphere hasn't been fun, I have missed you guys!!! I havent had the greatest week, but I just thank God through all things, I spent last week in hospital as I had surgery, there were a few complications with the surgery so I had to spend two nights in on a ward....(boring lol), now I am semi well and recovering but I cannot wait to go back to work!! (never thought I'd say that lol), with that I also missed Fashion Week :( I apologise to the PR companies that took the time to send me the lovely invites and I look forward to catching you guys in September. 

Since I did a post on products that were poor value for money, I thought I'd tell you about some products that are definitely worth the hype!

1. Ben Nye Banana Powder - I love this powder ever so much and I still wonder how I lived without it before, it is actually amazing!
2. MUA Eyeshadows - these bad boys are so cheap and cheerful, I love them. I would say they are good value for money but they are beyond that, these two little pots were £1 each from Superdrug and they are so pigmented.
3. MAC's Paint Pot - I love this product by MAC, I am not entirely sure what it's actually supposed to be but I use it in different ways, I usually use it as a base for my eye shadows as it helps the colour to stick and appear more pigmented and most importantly LAST, it also acts as a colour on its own too.
4. Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb - my favourite fragrance after Chanel
5. MAC Lipsticks - Yummmmm, you can come to me and slate MAC about anything, but if you slate their lipsticks it's WAR. They may have some colours I hate (like Morange which I highlighted in an earlier post) but they have such a massive range with a variety of finishes that there is guaranteed to be something for you.
6. Smashbox Primer - I just love the velvet feel, the texture, the longevity... I'm sold.
7. Clinique's Dramatically Different Gel - I use this before my make up and I love how matte it turns, especially because I have oily skin.
8. L'Oreal Superliner - I got sold into this nearly four years ago after hearing the hype and buzz about this eyeliner online, there probably are better eye liners out there but this is just all I know, lol #Loyal
 9. Real Techniques brushes >> find out why here
10. Clinique's High Impact Mascara - I did do a comparison post, this mascara was on of my favourites, I love the fact that it works with me, I get both volume and length, Its fantastic.
11. Lancôme Teint Idole - I absolutely love this foundation, I have done a brief review before, click here

Me wearing my fav MAC lip shade 'Faux'

For any more info on any of the products, feel free to comment below x


  1. I think the most hyped product ever has to be MAC RubyWoo..I really hate it!! Their 187 kabuki brush to me is their best product ever..dont know I survived without it!! Great post!

  2. I actually like Ruby Woo, however I do find it drying. I usually go for Russian Red first. Yes, the 187 is good, I have it, it's just that it gets dirty quickly and then gives me streaks in my face, I wrote about it a few posts back, have a read and tell me anything you recommend thank you. X

  3. I've heard sooo much about that Lancome foundation and I've been putting it off lol I need to just buy it.. hope you're feeling much better now!


  4. great post,i agree abt the lancome foundation its holy grail stuff!


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