Thursday, 7 February 2013

Brush Up! (Review and New Buys)

So I finally gave into the hype! Well, I actually purchased the Real Techniques brushes a few weeks ago but I wanted to leave some time in between so I could give you guys a decent review. The brushes by YouTube make-up guru Samantha Chapman from the channel PixiWoo retail at £20.99 and you can find them in Boots or online from Amazon, you know me, I like to purchase things as quick as a click so I purchased them from behind my PC. I didn't mind either because they are elegible for Super Saver (free) delivery from Amazon! 

I decided to purchase the Core Collection which I have heard is the best set to start with, in the set contains the Buffing Brush, Detailer brush, Pointed foundation brush and a Contour brush. First of all let me say, this set is very good value for money, I mostly have MAC brushes and for what these do and for what my MAC brushes do, it definitely gives MAC a run for its money.

The buffing brush is amazing and I would pay £25 for it alone for what it does. The first time I used the buffing brush i was left amazed, my make up was completely airbrushed. I use it in a similar way to how I use my MAC 187, to literally just blend my make up in. The 187 really does annoy me because it gets dirty really quickly and once its dirty you get lots of streaks in your make up. I also love love love the contour brush!

The negatives about this set however is that the 'pointed foundation brush' is technically a concealer brush, lol, it's extremely tiny! You would spend hours doing just your foundation if that was really a foundation brush. The detailer brush, I still haven't got round to using yet, I don't really know what to do with it yet lol.

Overall this set gets an 8/10.

Next I have the 'Big, Fat, Firm, Foundation Brush' which I purchased online from Coco Beau I really like this brush, even though I haven't used it yet (haven't wore any make up yet this week) I can tell me and the brush are really going to get along well! It's big for a foundation brush, which I love, I was on a hunt for one similar for a longtime and Henrietta from actually recommended it to me. I then checked online for reviews from my trusted source Make Up Alley (I always get reviews from here) and also saw that vloggers Essie Button and Pixiwoo (Can't find the video anymore, sorry) got along really well with the brush. 

I love the thickness of the brush, honestly, I'm in love and I can not wait to use her! lol
The brush retails at £29.75 which yes, is a tad pricey, but you do get what you pay for, whilst I was trailing online looking for reviews I stumbled across a similar brush from Royal and Langnickel, people were saying that apparently they were made by the same manufacturer so I did get tempted to buy this one as it retails at £20.41 but do not be fooled guys, as I continued my research, the reviews were so so so bad, people were seriously complaining about it's quality, so if you want longevity, invest in this one!

Just so you can see how thick the brush actually is, I have compared it to MAC's 190 which retails at £26.

I will do an actual review on it in a few weeks time,
Thanks for reading! x


  1. I've been going back and forth on this item..I get everything i want from my mac 182...but i guess i'm going to give into the hype like you! great post!
    Now ffw your blog, mine is cheers!

  2. I'm glad you like the big fat foundation brush. It looks amazing, i'm very tempted to buy it myself but I dont wear foundation. As you said I love the RT buffing brush too xx

  3. Omg. You don't wear foundation? Your skin is so nice. Is it just a tinted moisturiser you wear or literally nothing?

  4. Just concealer under my eyes and powder but I think I should buy myself a bottle now. Just in case.

  5. Yeah pointed foundation brush is good for under eye concealer. The tiny detail brush is good for blending out concealer around the eyes


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