Monday, 21 November 2011

Glitter V Gold

What do we think of these shoes guys? I'm really interested in buying them!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Channel 4 Talent

I was lucky enough to get invited down to channel 4 Talent for a workshop. I took my good old mate Suzette with me. We learnt so much and built links with presenters, journalists and so forth. Very inspiring day! They bought us pizzas too ^,^ thanks channel 4!

We didn't get to take much pictures as we were tied up in talks and and workshops all day! But I urge you all to get involved. 

Rihanna Fever!

Me and my babes Jessica went to Rihannas concert on Monday the 14th of November. Can I just say how fantastic it was? We queued outside from 2pm even though the doors were opening at 6:30pm. We met some amazing people in the queue whilst we were sitting on the floor camping out side. They shared our love for Joey Essex! We stood at the very front and Rihanna touched us! She did come on very late but her performance made up for it. Because me & Jessica knew all the dances they kept putting us up on the big screen infront of those thousands of people! Lol. My friend even came to tell me at the end that he kept seeing us. Overall it was a fab night. She has a fab body! And her vocals have MOST definitely improved! She sang hits like; Umbrella, Breakin' Dishes, Unfaithful, Hate That I Love You, Cry, We Found Love, Only Girl, Skin, Man Down, Hard, California King Bed, Cheers, Disturbia, S&M and more.

Can't wait to see her next year!

I want to be in the Rihanna Navy PLEASE :D

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

eBay is your friend!

So I have a confession to make.... I am an eBay-a-holic! I just cant stop shopping on the thing, and the more I use it the better I get at using it. The key is be specific with your search, go through all the pages and you WILL find that amazing item, bid in the last minute. eBay is like an online market... rummage through it. 
I'm just going to quickly show you some of the things I have recently bought off there... hope I don't get you addicted.

Above: This was a bidding item, I won this fur vintage hooded jacket for £18. Check out the detailing at the bottom. I reckon I will look 10/10 if I wear this in the snow this Christmas.

Above: This brown tote bag is divine, I first saw the bag in Zara, I wanted to buy it there and then but I though 'i'll wait'... went back and it was gone :O. Then I saw my girls Alexis and Jessica with it and I must admit I was extremely jel. Lucky for me... theres EBAY! In Zara the plaited shopper was going for £79.99 but I got a similar version for £19 saving myself over £60. Happy days.

Above: I have wanted a gold crucifix necklace for a very long time (not for fashion) Now I forgot how much I got this for from eBay exactly but I know the quality piece was very affordable.  The second picture gives you an idea of how the 20" necklace sits on my neck.

Above: Vintage handbag £2.54 and casual shoes £4.99

Above: Rihanna T-Shirt I purchased for her concert, I got it for £9. When i received it I cut off the sleeves. I plan to wear it with the leather sleeveless biker jacket (in one of the pictures above) and denim shorts. I'll show you guys pictures!

Above: This jacket was on a buy it now for £29 or make a best offer, i offered £22 and it got accepted.

Above: Packet of 100 studs approx £2

Above: My jacket studded and altered.

Above: iPhone 4 case... 99p

Because I shop so much it benefits me if i'm saving at the same time. Made so much savings so now i can afford to buy more... but i wont..well i'll try not to. lol


Nails and Lips .x.

Here I am going to just briefly talk you through some of my recent purchased items, below are two lipsticks I recently purchased from a Superdrug store in Canterbury... (They are currently doing a 3 for the price of two offer on all beauty products) 

Above: Rimmel pink blush, Rimmel Asia and  Maybelline luminous beige lipstick

Above: me sporting Rimmel pink blush

Above: wearing Maybelline luminous beige

Here I have some of the recent nail varnishes I purchased too, I get bored easily and when i do I paint my nails, the first one from Superdrug is simply for nail art - I was experimenting. The second is a Wilkinson's branded nail polish; fairly cheap - probably £1 or £2. The two in the middle are 2true from Superdrug, I got three including the gold crack effect one at the end for £4 (3 for the price of 2).  And lastly the silver one, its Rimmel you can purchase it pretty much anywhere. I have been seeing the foil effect (picture below) but my friend who is a similar color to me did it and it didn't look nice so I decided to go for silver nail polish instead.

This is how the third from the left burgundy nail polish comes out.

The foil wrap nail effect - looks better on pale skin to be honest

Now these two nail polishes are not new but I just thought I would show you guys, I love them... best part is I got them both from Pound-land for £1. I still need to purchase the O.P.I Barefoot In Barcelona then i'll be content.

Above: This color is very similar to the 'pink about it'

Above: This is how the 'pink about it' nail polish comes out

A little tweak to perfect

So before i obtained my eBay winning streak i was eagerly bidding for this jacket below... for 10 days! As the last few minutes of the bid began drawing to a close i sat down at my computer almost out of breath under so much pressure... In the last two mins i tried to bid but was out bid... it sold for £28 plus £4 postage & packaging i could have cried that day :(

I picked myself up and was adamant that i would be an owner of a studded camouflage military jacket, so i bought these studs below 100 studs for approximately £2.

This jacket was on offer for £29 including postage and packaging, I made a best offer of £22 and i got it accepted :)

 (Before the studds were added)

So I started studding away...

.... and here is my studded military jacket... smiles all round :)

Rihanna Shares her Intimate Trip To Italy

Rihanna ditches the celeb privacy trend (bar the Kardashians) and shares intimate photographs with her fans on facebook. Check out these snaps below, I could do with a holiday especially when its so cold in the UK right now. Can't wait to see her live in concert on Monday!

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