Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A little tweak to perfect

So before i obtained my eBay winning streak i was eagerly bidding for this jacket below... for 10 days! As the last few minutes of the bid began drawing to a close i sat down at my computer almost out of breath under so much pressure... In the last two mins i tried to bid but was out bid... it sold for £28 plus £4 postage & packaging i could have cried that day :(

I picked myself up and was adamant that i would be an owner of a studded camouflage military jacket, so i bought these studs below 100 studs for approximately £2.

This jacket was on offer for £29 including postage and packaging, I made a best offer of £22 and i got it accepted :)

 (Before the studds were added)

So I started studding away...

.... and here is my studded military jacket... smiles all round :)

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