Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Nails and Lips .x.

Here I am going to just briefly talk you through some of my recent purchased items, below are two lipsticks I recently purchased from a Superdrug store in Canterbury... (They are currently doing a 3 for the price of two offer on all beauty products) 

Above: Rimmel pink blush, Rimmel Asia and  Maybelline luminous beige lipstick

Above: me sporting Rimmel pink blush

Above: wearing Maybelline luminous beige

Here I have some of the recent nail varnishes I purchased too, I get bored easily and when i do I paint my nails, the first one from Superdrug is simply for nail art - I was experimenting. The second is a Wilkinson's branded nail polish; fairly cheap - probably £1 or £2. The two in the middle are 2true from Superdrug, I got three including the gold crack effect one at the end for £4 (3 for the price of 2).  And lastly the silver one, its Rimmel you can purchase it pretty much anywhere. I have been seeing the foil effect (picture below) but my friend who is a similar color to me did it and it didn't look nice so I decided to go for silver nail polish instead.

This is how the third from the left burgundy nail polish comes out.

The foil wrap nail effect - looks better on pale skin to be honest

Now these two nail polishes are not new but I just thought I would show you guys, I love them... best part is I got them both from Pound-land for £1. I still need to purchase the O.P.I Barefoot In Barcelona then i'll be content.

Above: This color is very similar to the 'pink about it'

Above: This is how the 'pink about it' nail polish comes out

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