Wednesday, 9 November 2011

eBay is your friend!

So I have a confession to make.... I am an eBay-a-holic! I just cant stop shopping on the thing, and the more I use it the better I get at using it. The key is be specific with your search, go through all the pages and you WILL find that amazing item, bid in the last minute. eBay is like an online market... rummage through it. 
I'm just going to quickly show you some of the things I have recently bought off there... hope I don't get you addicted.

Above: This was a bidding item, I won this fur vintage hooded jacket for £18. Check out the detailing at the bottom. I reckon I will look 10/10 if I wear this in the snow this Christmas.

Above: This brown tote bag is divine, I first saw the bag in Zara, I wanted to buy it there and then but I though 'i'll wait'... went back and it was gone :O. Then I saw my girls Alexis and Jessica with it and I must admit I was extremely jel. Lucky for me... theres EBAY! In Zara the plaited shopper was going for £79.99 but I got a similar version for £19 saving myself over £60. Happy days.

Above: I have wanted a gold crucifix necklace for a very long time (not for fashion) Now I forgot how much I got this for from eBay exactly but I know the quality piece was very affordable.  The second picture gives you an idea of how the 20" necklace sits on my neck.

Above: Vintage handbag £2.54 and casual shoes £4.99

Above: Rihanna T-Shirt I purchased for her concert, I got it for £9. When i received it I cut off the sleeves. I plan to wear it with the leather sleeveless biker jacket (in one of the pictures above) and denim shorts. I'll show you guys pictures!

Above: This jacket was on a buy it now for £29 or make a best offer, i offered £22 and it got accepted.

Above: Packet of 100 studs approx £2

Above: My jacket studded and altered.

Above: iPhone 4 case... 99p

Because I shop so much it benefits me if i'm saving at the same time. Made so much savings so now i can afford to buy more... but i wont..well i'll try not to. lol



  1. OMG I have been eye-ing that Zara bag for God knows how long. I saw that version on eBay but was too scared to get it cus I didn't know how it would look. How does it look? do you like it?

  2. Yhhhhhh I like it! To be honest, even before it came out in Zara I wanted a brown bag similar to this so I wouldn't have minded where I got it from. I'm the kind of person who sees things I want in my head even before they are in the shops then I go out and look for it. Looool but Yhhh sure thing. I like

  3. ah I thought I was the only one with a crazy addiction to ebay.

    *blinks* very very jealous of the bits you got.

    J x


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