Monday, 30 April 2012

"Gods mercy is bigger than your mistake....."

Rachel Ferguson - Patience

Hi guys, just finished having a chat with a girl in the library, she was crying, so I went to sit next to her and borrow her my ear for a little while I didn't know her but I know how it feels to be on an emotional rollercoaster yet not have anyone to talk to... She was speaking to me about some things she is going through, she said she feels like she is failing because she sees everyone around her excelling, she is having issues with her closest friend and she recently found out her boyfriend is cheating on her.

The first thing I had to tell her is that she shouldn't compare herself to those around her, do not envy and do not in any circumstance compare your situation to theirs - everything happens in its own time, just have patience. When I see people making major movements, I feel so happy for them genuinely, even if we were once friends yet we drifted apart over something trivial, you will still be in my prayers, I will still wish you success and thank God for being merciful towards you. Yes people say, that's the healthiest mentality to have in order to motivate you, but to be honest, that's just genuinely how I am lol. If i see an opportunity that I know someone else will be interested in, I will forward it to that person straight away. Good deeds definitely come back to you in tenfold, and I am definitely speaking from experience.

I am not perfect, I'm human, I cry over the stupidest things, just yesterday I was moaning to my girl Melissa about my laptop and phone being broken, having a 15,000 word dissertation being due next week yet my laptop packed in yesterday, four exams following after the that I feel like I am just not ready. But you know what God has a plan, just because things are not going my way I cannot start being ungrateful for all the wonderful things he has done for me, my situation is temporary and there are people going through much worse than me that they end up overcoming, why am I any different?

I know a lot of people can relate, so just be steady, put that seat belt on and kick back. Let God take you to where you are destined to be, but remember that you HAVE to help yourself. If i sit here all day and not revise, I cannot expect to pass my exams that is so foolish, lol. God will take control, but why don't you try and meet him half way?

And then the second issue, the issue between her and her friend, do you know how good forgiveness feels?
When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free, because there is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love. To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness. "Be kind to each other, tender hearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you.” Ephesians 4:32
I know sometimes it's hard, the other person may not want to forgive you and let go, but as long as you know in your heart of hearts you have made that step, then you do not need to worry about a thing. Don't get me wrong however, there those re-offenders that will continue to do the same thing over and over again. Out of wisdom, I think those people; after giving them chances, you need to let go of. Because if you forgive them for doing wrong, you are accepting who they are, if they do that wrong thing again, can you really be that angry? (the latter does not apply to a silly argument between Friends or something trivial, this is in regards to something that causes you harm... friends argue, build a bridge and GET OVER IT!)

....and then the last issue, her boyfriend who is a repeated cheater...

I'm not even going to go into that, if you cheat you are demonstrating that you lack respect towards me. I will say goodbye there and then, i know people will say, 'yea yea, you don't know until you have been in that situation' I have, and said ciao, adios amigos STRAIGHT AWAY. lol. I dont have time for that. We're not married or bound together, escape while you can. lool. that's just my opinion. No offence.

Anyway, my exams are done at the end of may.... see you then!


Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Chilly Summer Nights

Sorry, I have been tres busy guys, these exams and essays are killing me (Heaven forbid)... how are you? I cannot wait to finish, honestly! I promise I will be posting more frequently, doing videos and outfits of the day. I was just looking in my wardrobe and lusting after the shoes below, the only thing I do not own in this picture and I am honestly praying I receive them for my birthday this Friday. 

Do you know what I love most about summer? Summer nights! It's warm but chilly at the same time, I think I like humid air. So by Gods grace I receive these leather boots and I will rock this outfit one evening this summer!

Perfect for going on a casual date or a bite to eat with the girls... love it!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

A Brown Epiphany!

Guys, I've just had an epiphany! I'm supposed to have brown hair! Well... I kind of do already but I mean proper brown. Black hair no longer suits me :( brown hair is definitely the way forward. I have a couple snaps below of how I'd like it to look ideally but I really don't know how I'll get these colors to be honest. *sigh*.... Help?


Sunday, 1 April 2012

Updated Wishlist! ;)

Hey guys! It's the best month of the year - My birthday! *blows party horn* lol, I am going to be 21 on the 20th of April... I am a tad apprehensive to be reaching such an old age... It marks such a big thing in my life and its daunting to say the least. Anyway, a few of my friends have requested I write this post so they know exactly what I want and what I should get... it was such a struggle lol, but surprises are nice so I really do not mind. Since my last wishlist I received the Michael Kors watch that I wanted so that's crossed off, the puppy really isn't going to happen... is it?.... okay, crossed off! 
To be honest even if I receive one or two of these items I'll be over the moon.  Actually, even if I'm just around people that I love on my big TWO ONE I'll be glad. My girl said if I do this, I might get two of the same presents, but my girls are all connected so you can all discuss. :)
One of my friends laughed at me because the leopard print top below from H&M is £7 or £8... but so what, I like it! ha. I'm also really in love with the brown and pink spot bag from Topshop, it's £20 and I can really see myself sporting it during the day time in summer.

Anyway, you know how much of a talker I am, so just have a look at the picture, i'll button my lips! x

1. Coco Chanel Mademoiselle Perfume
2. MacBook Pro
3. H&M top
4. Reb'l Fleur by Rihanna
5. Yves Saint Laurent Le Rouge Pur Couture lipstick and Yves Saint Laurent Shocking Mascara
6. Topshop Bangle
7. Miss Selfridge Suede Tassel Clutch
8. Navy Blue Classic Uggs
9. Topshop Spot Color Block Clutch
10. Miss Selfridge Rings
11. MAC Morange Lipstick and MAC Cherry Lip Liner
12. A Moonpig card from
13. MAC Raizin Blusher
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