Saturday, 26 January 2013

First Mini Haul of 2013

...And now it's time for my first mini haul of 2013, I don't think anything I have purchased is too bad or too expensive, no beauty buys this time around unfortunately but most of my love is directed to Topshop, Zara and Aldo. I have purchased more than this but I dont think It's necessary to blog everything. I purchased a peplum top from Zara, a black skirt with a long slit on the side from Topshop and some rings from Aldo. 

These two buys have to be my favorites so I did them first, I absolutely love them and I pray I grow old with them somehow. The Zara clutch is amazing and looks like a timeless piece, I can't even bring myself to wear it because it is so delicate. The necklace from Aldo was actually the last one in stock, I had to go to three stores to get my hands on it after I saw a mate of mine post hers on Instagram, I had to have it! lol

I'm sorry and I know I seem like a huge dork but this my 2nd favorite buy, I know it's not my usual kind to put in a haul but I am hoping it'll be useful to some readers but after the flowers I got with this vase died I didn't want to chuck the vase away and the pink ribbon o the from was too cute, however I am not down for buying flowers every week so I had to look for some plastic flowers/faux flowers... whatever you call it lol. I went to Ikea and oh my gosh for my favorite shop they really let me down. I stumbled across these beauties below from the 99p store in Bromley, I bought one white bunch and one pink... aren't they pretty?

I have wanted a Aubrey England coin purse for so long so I got one :) I am getting a bag from their after my next pay... won't reveal which one yet! But the normal purses are only £60 so they are quite an affordable brand, I just never got round to purchasing.

Organisation this year is so key for me so I got myself a black Collins diary for £14 from John Lewis, I feel like a woman now lol

These Topshop sandals came in at £60, they are higher in person than in the pic!

I got this jacket from Zara in the sale, I loved it and had my eye on it for ages, still don't know whether or not its a keeper... hmmmm...?

These Topshop flats look so long and pointy in this pic but I love them! I couldn't decided which ones to get between these and the black ones but these honestly do look better with my skinny jeans!



  1. cute haul, love everything
    that blazer clutch and heels paired together, priceless! need to invest in a good diary

    1. thanks sweetheart!
      did you get a diary yet?

  2. I loveee them all!

    Ps. I dunno how to fix my follower thing :( Xx

    1. hey girl, you've sorted it now right?

  3. That ALDO necklace is giving me LIFE!!


    1. Everytime I wear it, someone asks to borrow looooool. its my fav


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