Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Is Contour... Magic?

One thing I always get asked about is contouring, its actually crazy the amount of questions I get even though I feel like I have already answered them (I don't mind the questions though, keep them coming lol). But I will give you a full post explaining more about contouring and some pictures that are in detail. 

Contouring is not a new phenomenon, people think it is and believe that Kim Kardashian created it, she didn’t but she did bring it to the forefront and is known for being a contour queen lol. It’s very common in the theatre to contour and if you notice, transsexual men contour too when they dress up as women to make their features more slim and feminine, be careful though because if you contour too harshly as a female, you are at risk of look masculine lol.  

Here are some pictures of how to contour: 

The lighter parts are called 'Highlighting' and its the darker parts that contour your face, these two elements work together to just add a bit more dimension to your face. To highlight just use a concealer thats two shades lighter that your skin, I use MAC's studio finish concealer and to contour just use a significantly darker powder, you can also use cream forms, some people prefer to use Mac's sculpting cream, i prefer sleek's contour kit, its just very straightforward.

 If you learn more by watching videos, here is a video that breaks it down quite easily for you, I don't do it like this but there is no right or wrong way to do it.

I did a review on not only the Ben Nye Banana powder but also MAC's translucent powder and I found that I initially didn't get along with the translucent powers,  since then I've noticed that it was actually my skin, I was going through a texture change, I was shifting from dry skin to combination oily which meant the lotions I was using at the time added too much moisture to my skin causing my makeup to move easily. I recently got given some Clinique items and I am getting along with the three step quite well. 

I love the 3rd step the most which is the dramatically different moisturising gel, It's excellent and makes your make up apply amazingly because it makes your skin underneath stay matte, I definitely recommend it!

I then use the smashbox primer just under my foundation which I initially tried some free samples of and I really loved it so it became a must have, it has a velvet kind of texture and keeps my make up on all day! (Get some samples)

I then use my Ben Nye Banana powder once I have finished highlighting my face and it just sets and completes my make up, completely amazing! 10/10
I don't use a brush to apply it like some others do, I actually use a powder puff so it just pushes all the product in to my skin and gives it a more matte but also coloured glow!

Here are some pics of my contoured face: 

You can see (below) that when the light hits your face the highlighted parts of your face really stand out!



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