Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Martini's all round courtesy of Shine Communications

Martini party, yes by the alcoholic drink Martini. Shine Communications  who are behind Forever 21, EBay’s fashion outlets, GHD  and Martini held the party at a top secret location just between Liverpool Street and Shoreditch. As soon as we entered we were greeted with a glass of the taste bud tickling drink and canapé’s on the side by gracious members of staff. At the venue was a lady doing eyebrows throughout the evening and a freelance nail artist from the huge and successful brand O.P.I, unfortunately I didn’t get my nails done but my friend Alexis did and her exclusive manicure looked fantastic; it was a struggle to not smudge them after we attended a fun hands on master class where they taught us how to make the finest dinner party finger food and how to make the perfect Martini mix. (pictures below) I must say I did learn a lot and I am very tempted to host my very own dinner party even though my attempts to meet the standard and presentation of the teachers where not the greatest haha!

Scrumptious canapes on DEMAND

Freelance O.P.I

Eyebrow threading at the venue

Martini on wheels, can you see the door in the back? that is what we had to come through. when they said secret location they did NOT lie.

My canape was absolutely atrocious :(

At the end of the night all our guests were treated with a gift bag, if I am honest one of the most extraordinary gift bags I have received to date. When I took a peep inside the big white paper bag it was very difficult for me to NOT cause a scene. Each guest received a MASSIVE bottle of Martini AND as if that wasn’t enough and IPOD SHUFFLE…. no you did not read incorrectly. And to top it off tasty recipes of desserts and sides… maybe I can host that dinner party after all loool.
Lovely evening, lovely company, lovely entertainment and lovely gifts.
Hi -5 to Martini and the Shine Communications team who went above and beyond to satisfy all the guests on Wednesday the 18th of August. x


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