Saturday, 17 December 2011

Shopping + Bargains = Happy Days! ♥

I love shopping, who doesn't? But what I love more than shopping is bargains! Any regular readers of La Bella Vita Hearts will know that I'm a mini eBay addict... YES, send me to rehab! But before you do you need to understand why. After showing a few of my closest friends my buys they too have become eBay fiends. There are some items I think are really essential to invest in, but some things, especially things that are simply current trends I leave to eBay and Vintage/Charity shops.
Have a look at some of my most treasured purchases, some from eBay, Charity shops and well known designers. ooooooo I cannot wait till my Chanel quilted bag is on this list. *tears* I've wanted this bag for four years now :(

White Blazer : eBay £1.95

Faux Fur: eBay £27

(From 1st row left) 
Light Brown Bag: eBay £20
Black Bag: eBay £2.54
White & Gold Clutch: Miss Selfridge £20
Brown Clutch: Beyond Retro £15
Burberry Clutch: Family Hand Me Downs lol
Purse: Louis Vuitton £355
Studded Bucket Bag: eBay £6
Brown Flap Bag: £0.99

Sequin Jacket: eBay £11

Studded Bucket Bag: eBay £6

Bronze Cuff: eBay £3

Vintage Blazer: Local Charity Shop £5

1 comment:

  1. :O you got some bits!!

    hehe I fort I was the only Ebay addict.

    J x


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