Thursday, 22 September 2011

South Africa comes to London Fashion Week!

Standing in the catwalk hall and preparing for the next show, I sat down to take a break and saw the cutest man grinning happily behind me; I turned around to ask him some questions like I always do lol and he reached out to me to give me a firm handshake. 'Why are you so happy?' I inquired. 'This is my first time, I am so happy to see all of my things' 
Noticing his strong African accent I began to be more and more intrigued so I sat down beside him and watched him speak and display so much excitement in his face, in his body language... I almost cried, I felt so overwhelmed, so happy for him. The passion and positive energy that he gave off was so amazing. Unfortunately I didn't catch his name, and after I had watched the show it was made apparent that there were numerous designers involved in the show. But I did find out that he was in fact the knitwear designer.

It wasn't until after the show was over that i found the names of all the designers. Heni Este-Hijzen did the ladies wear, the amazing knitwear was by Laduma Ngxokolo of Maxhosa Knitwear and Stiaan Louw who created draped pieces in soft greys and browns.

Heni Este-Hijzen

This model was so beautiful!

5* knitwear

One of my favorite outfits

I must say that especially being female, most of my excitement is in female clothes, if I do watch menswear i'd usually have my eyes on the models,; this show however blew me away, I am very impressed! Shows how much  menswear in high fashion has developed over the years. A big well done also to the Ubuntu Project the promoters who went above and beyond to ensure the show was a success.


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