Friday, 2 September 2011

White, the journo Master

''My first placement was at the Guardian newspaper when I was 16. I sent out 50 begging letters asking for work experience and The Guardian was the only publication to get back to me. So I spent a summer there working on their team that was figuring out whether newspapers on the internet could work.'' Charlene White

I was lucky enough to have found out about Charlene White's masterclass through twitter especially me being a budding journalist myself. It was very beneficial, people were asking questions that I needed the answers to but I didn't think of asking myself. Amazing. Me being a fan of hers I felt very lucky to receive meaningful advice from her (above)

Charlene who has worked for BBC 1Extra and across the Atlantic ocean in New York and now with ITV dished the dirt and revealed the ins and outs of how to be successful in the industry.
 'Never underestimate the smaller publications. They give you a chance to work on stories you could only dream of doing in the bigger publications.' she replied one fan. She went on to highlight the importance of social networking sites including Twitter 'I'm constantly on Twitter to keep in touch with viewers, and also report the news. It's a great source for finding contacts'

What thrilled me the most was how she described her job, in a response to a fan she said 'I get to meet amazing people, and tell their stories. That's what I love about this job'

Ohhhhhh..... Journalism career i can NOT wait... coming to get you!


  1. Nice post hun - Its a tough industry to get into so cool that you shared this info. with us! Following you, hope you'll pop over and share some love lol. x

    Urban art + street fashion addict:

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  3. You are welcome hunny! yes I am following babe.

    Thank u @ style und sein, loving urs too. i'm following, it says you are not following me tho. xx

  4. How lucky for you to get a mentor!
    Love you blog and follow you now via Bloglovin'


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