Monday, 5 September 2011

Broken Links

Just a week or so ago I wrote this on my facebook status 'Never again will I say 'Kindness is my weakness' infact, kindness is my strength. It gets me very far in this life of mine. Being bubbly, happy and sociable is who I am and it would be foolish of me to let people's actions and my negative experiences shape my character and behavior towards people. So if you don't like it.... Come give me a hug! Looool' 
and already, people are making me withdraw and move back to the state of mind. It's so shocking how crazy people can behave if you give them an opportunity. People you are not even that familiar with but once you give them an inch they have the audacity to take a mile. I am a naturally easy going person, I really dislike it when people interrupt my calm energy... especially when the people are non factors. So when things like this occur I start thinking 'Hmmmm I don't want to make any more friends' 'I'm going to keep myself to myself' and so forth. That is the first mistake.

We as humans tend to experience negativity and learn negative lessons from it, not making sense of the situations and withdrawing from the world is not the solution. You are not affecting those people that wronged you. Only yourself. For example, I have met the lovely Miss Alexis this summer, who I will stay in contact with a long time. If I was going on like it's me against the world, would I have allowed myself to associate myself with her?

Anyway I hope you understand the point I am trying to make. Do not let non factors change your character. People who talk so much have nothing to do. Do not focus on the negatives, but on the positives. Waste of time. x

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