Monday, 5 September 2011

Quilt Me In Chanel ♥

Since I was in secondary school (High School for international readers) I have ALWAYS wanted to own a Chanel bag. So lets say since I was about 15. 
I love the brand. Chanel is absolute quality and a total classic and tailored designer, even with the clothes, if I see someone styled in Chanel I will know instantly, their pieces are so distinctive. What I love about Chanel bags is that it is very hard to find duplicates of the bag. Yes every designer product has fakes, I have three items from Louis Vuitton,  a bag, a clutch and a purse that I use as a clutch anyway. I purchased them all on the website and once you own a designer piece you know how to separate the real from the fake; i'm sure you all can relate. I can spot a LV bag from a distance without even looking inside it and I will know that it is indeed a fraudulent copy. But I do not see many people with Chanel bags on a regular basis. I see similar chain bags that are sold in high street shops and especially the Mark B bags in Topshop.

Well, we all know how expensive Chanel is, its no where near as affordable as LV and Gucci, so I think I will just wait till I am set and its within my spending budget. There is absolutely NO  point saving up to invest in one handbag then be broke for the rest of that month. I'll wait till i have earned such luxuries.

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