Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Letter From Rami Coco

Hi everyone, thank you for being so patient with me during this fashion week period. Thank you for all the emails that I have been receiving too. Ughhh London Fashion Week is so tiring, KUDOS to those PR agencies and designers who are behind it, until you have backstage access to events like this you never really realise how much organisation and planning goes into it.

One thing I must say is a massive thank you to all my loyal readers, I have only had this blogspot for nearly a month now but I am totally loving the reception. I had a big fanbase/ a lot of readers over at my tumblr page so I must admit I was a tad scared to start up something new, but being a blogspot 'blogger' isnt so bad after all.

Talking about progress, I FINALLY got my business cards delivered, such a pity at basically the end of fashion week, oh well, better late than never aye... so tomorrow catch me at LFW handing them out like a mad woman ;)

One of the prettiest invites i received from Forward PR

My business card.

Social media is the new thing, getting invites for after parties ooooohhh yhhhhh! 
Loving Katch PR

'Hi, would just like to say I really enjoy your blog, this and the other one you have created, I have become a keen followers of yours and find the various topics you discuss quite interesting and really admire your passion and drive for the field you are pursuing. You will definately get far in life, keep it up and don't give up' To the anonymous person who messaged me this, a massive thank you. It almost reduced me to tears lol. Honestly I was so touched and humbled. I do a lot of writing and ranting so it's really nice to hear from you guys!

Shout out to Pop PR, Fashion 156 and Vauxhall Fashion Scout totally killing it this season.


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