Thursday, 1 March 2012

My LFW Experience

First of all I want to say a massive thanking to everyone that has been routing for and supporting me, I will NEVER forget. I really appreciate the support and you will never understand how amazing it feels to have over 100 people congratulate and back you whilst you are working hard to progress.

Working in the office was the best experience of all, it was very hands on and probably the best experience so far. I was so busy and didn't really get a chance to take pictures. I really wanted to do 'outfit of the day' but when you are thrown into a situation like this you come to realise that it’s not all about you but it’s all about your client and its very important that you go above and beyond to meet the designer’s needs! Even better, the Director of the events company loved me so much that I am allowed to come back whenever I like!
One of the important roles I played was contacting all our clients which included MAC make up artists.

This gorgeous dog that worked in the office with us, every morning he would run and greet me, I believe I was his favourite.... Shhhhhh don't tell anyone... lol

The office!

My Beautiful FASHION! .... love hearts and the whole shabazz

The office was full of MAC's #iLOVE << (see what I did there? lol)

Probably the only picture I got of myself that whole week, that day I wore this chain print dress, black ankle boot wedges and a black cape.

If it isn't Viv. Westwood herslf, she is so brill.

To be honest those are all the pictures in my posession, but I did go online and find some pictures of some of the highlights. (See below):

Matthew Williamson



  1. Well done!
    Very nice!
    I wish you the very BEST in all your future endeavors.
    I know I will be hearing your name a lot b.c I KNOW you will do BIG things in the fashion industry.
    And work with BIG names!
    May God bless your career :-)

  2. Well done, wish you all the best in your career.

    Bigger doors are opening for you,
    Amen and Amen.

  3. Wonderful posting - it seems you have had a lot of fun, thanks. Keep it up and all he best wishes for future.

    nice weekend


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