Monday, 26 March 2012

Fitness and Health Haul.... X

Hey guys, it has been a LONG time coming! Thank you guys for being so patient and understanding; I'm in my final year of university with a 15,000 word dissertation, two 2000 word essays, a 2000 word assignment and four exams... understandably my fingers have been tied but I cannot wait for it to be all over, I will most certainly miss Uni... but all these exams and all nigherts... i don't think so lol.

Funny enough I wrote up these post when I had more time to myself so my plan was to exercise more and keep fit but unfortunately these plans have failed... LOL shame on me. But I will talk you through what I did buy because they were nice buys and I cannot wait to use them!

This sports bra from Sports Direct, so fit and comfortable, and it was half the price it said on the nike label... WIN WIN.
This addidas swimming cap from Adidas was just under £5
This Nike top that has a nice fit was from Sports Direct also. To be honest I can't remember how much it was lol.
Nike running headband from Nike £10 (No excuses for the girls with long hair)
Runners water bottle, £1.99 from Sports Direct
Clippers Green Tea from Holland and Barratt
Slazenger Swimming costume, £5 from Sports Direct

If you need a motivation blog you should definitely check out Get Fit With Nic here she provides workouts and routines for you to do at home or at the gym... shes AMAZING!

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