Friday, 30 March 2012

Super Duper Superdrug - Lipstick and Facemask mini-haul

.... And again I'm out lipstick shopping, I'm pretty sure all my pink lipsticks look pretty much the same lol. Regardless, I enjoy finding new shades. So I decided to have a look at the shades from Kate Moss' recent collection and I fell in love with number 3! How yummy is it? And I also purchased Rimmel's Vintage Pink lipstick yum, cannot wait to get all dolled up and sport the newest shades to my collection! 

I also purchased this Mud mask from Superdrug, I want to start a new facial routine which includes using a face mask twice a week. When I got there I was so baffled about what to chose; so I chose this one... any other recommendations? 


  1. Hows the superdrug mud mask? I bought some around mothers day and gave them as gifts but I dunno how good they actually are! lool

  2. I'll use it two more times then let you know chick!


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