Sunday, 1 December 2013

Life Update.

Hi all!

Sorry for going AWOL, I've been so consumed by everything around me that I've barely had any time for myself.

More than two years ago I created this Blogspot with the aim of having a little outlet for my thoughts and also as a platform to not only voice my views but to share with you all what I’m loving, wanting and loathing. Whilst it has kind of been bombarded with hauls, revealing the shopaholic I am 'haha', you have all been so kind and supportive to me and I appreciate you for that, especially when it came down to my trails in University and the struggle of finding clarity when it came to my career.
One of my fav posts so far was my “End of an Era...” post, where I not only detailed my struggle, but how I overcame it. What I LOVE the most was the fact that so many of you were going though similar things and my testimony kind of gave you that hope to push through. 
So I guess I have decided to do something similar again!

Before I go into where I am so far, lets take it back to my first post “New to” in 2011:

“Because of my inner fear I decided to settle for what would give me job security and study something that didn't have my heart in it. I then decided to head off to Uni whilst getting internships on the side.
Here I am, with only a year left of Uni and I'm still biting my nails out of confusion....
But I have officially decided to take a leap of faith... follow me on my journey :)”

Getting into PR has been a tiresome journey, whilst I have been blessed with some amazing Internships and experiences, I had to also go through a lot in order to realise what I did and didn’t want – fashion is and was a BIG no, hence why I stopped blogging about fashion. I do encourage you not to let other people’s attitudes and poor behaviour to put you off something you love but the things I experienced whilst working in fashion made realise I didn't love fashion as much as I thought I did. To be honest, I think I was a bit deluded after seeing my teenage idol Lauren Conrad from ‘The Hills” work in Teen Vogue and Kelly Cutrone's PR firm People's Revolution, making me desire a similar lifestyle lol. I then thought that working in either music or beauty PR as they are both things i'm passionate about, were ideal roads to go down. My new role presented itself first so now I'm in music PR! 

I'm not going to disclose online where I actually work, because a few people who check out my blog are not genuine  (#NoShade) but also because I don't want strangers turning up at my work place! lol
The company I work for is a very big one, not in terms of it's size, but its reputation. So I am very grateful. Not only do we regulate the music industry by looking after the three major record labels; Sony, Universal and Warner music as well as the independent ones, we also organise and own the Brit Awards, the Brits School, the Official Charts and a new Youtube channel called Transmitter (check it out).

Whatever you choose to do, I encourage you to be patient, but don't confuse that with sitting around and waiting, being very proactive is mandatory - you will be competing with a lot of people, especially in PR.

Here are some sites I read regularly, some of them also post job opportunities too:
PR Week
Social Media Week
Marketing Week 

If you're on twitter, i recommend you follow:
@ukfashionintern (Design, styling, PR, marketing and beauty)

You don't have to - but if you want to get into PR, you should consider writing a blog.
The feedback I got from my interviewer, who is now my manger, was that my personality stood out from all the other applicants, the fact that I had independently undertaken a good amount of internships and also the fact that I had a blog. Bare in mind that I didn't study music, PR or anything media related so doing the latter was essential for me to stand out!

But thanks again each and every one of you, if you need any advice, please do not hesitate to reach out to me x


  1. I'm very proud of you and your hard work. I'm happy for you getting a job you love. Everyone is on a journey and it takes time to realise what you want to do, I'm still on my journey of figuring out what I want to do exactly, but this post has encouraged me to keep my head up and do all I can to enhance my skills so when an opportunity arises, I'll be just as ready as you were. Keep up the hard work. Onwards and upwards girl, Keep us updated. XxX

    1. Thank you so much babe! I can't wait to see what you have in store!

      Will do!

  2. really good post and thank you for the links.
    I will definitely follow your advice as I am looking for a marketing position. Not easy !


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