Saturday, 29 June 2013

Morocco 2013!!!

Hey guys! So you may be aware of the fact that I went to Morocco this month and it was amazing - literally one of the highlights of my life (slight exaggeration maybe). But seriously it was so fun, it felt good not having to worry about anything, about clients, about wearing makeup and most importantly about wearing a bra all day, lol! It was chilled and relaxed at most points, but me and my friends did the right thing and explored like real tourists. We did everything from climbing a mountain and riding camels to watching entertaining films till the early morning and laying by the pool sipping on fizzy drinks all afternoon at our all inclusive hotel.

The flight on the way there was absolutely terrible, I was almost in tears, it felt like I was going up a ride at a ridiculous speed (anyone who knows me will be aware of the fact that I do NOT like rides, lol, hence the fact that I have never gone to Thorpe Park, Alton Towers and all that jazz), take off wasn't gentle at all; not to mention that my ears popped and didn't fully open or a further two days. AND I had a terrible cold, so my nose was blocked but running at the same time - but enough moaning, look how beautiful the clouds were, God is really great....

We arrived in Morocco, Marrakesh at approximately 10pm in the evening, it was beautiful, the roads, the water fountains on the roads, the palm trees, it was just so nice to see something worlds apart from London for a change. We were picked up by our Thomson rep and got in a coach to our hotel. We landed so late that when we got to the hotel they had stopped serving food, we were too exhausted to hit the town so we went to bed starving :(

... This is the hotel we stayed at, it was called Riu Tikida Garden, it was so lovely, it had a spa on site, was all inclusive with a bar on site and three meals a day. It was very clean, had a beautiful but extremely cold pool and we played tennis and got involved with some of the evening activities.

One of my favourite parts of the holiday was definitely the camels! I was petrified at first, they were so huge and so noisy but you get used to them. My camel was quite calm and sweet. We rode the camels around the dessert for about an hour, it felt like forever, it was hurting all of our bums and thighs! lol

This is the guy who owned the camels, forgot this name but he said I was his wife *cringe*

A Moroccan restaurant...

Belly dancing...

Another man who said I was his wife...

The people in Morocco were such romantics, the men were terrible lol, in the markets they would call us 'The Obamas' 'Beyonce' 'Toni Braxton' 'Nicki Minaj' and 'Halle Berry' it was hilarious, they'd be in your face, look you up and down like you're a piece of meat and say 'wow' loooool. They love their black girls - well, black English girls.

Some more signs of affection from the Moroccans...

We climbed to the top of this mountain! It was an amazing experience, very hard, at points I felt that I felt I was going to slip and fall, but God was by my side, lol... if I fell you would not be reading this right now, that's how high we were up!

We did shisha at a bar called highway, the service was poor even though it looked nice, so I really wouldn't recommend it. As we were making a complaint the waiter walked off to serve someone else it was hilarious. We couldn't even complain to anyone else as all the other staff couldn't really speak English.

We purchased herbs, oil and incense from this lady and enjoyed some complimentary mint tea.

Nikki Beach, wasn't a beach, it was just a fancy pool with an overpriced bar and food. It looked so lovely though, it would be best to go at night. If you are going to Morocco and you want to visit a beach, I recommend you go to Agadir instead.

Me :-)

My favourite holiday shades, the first two are from ASOS, bottom two are Rayban.

I loved my holiday! It was amazing, we had a driver that took us everywhere and recommend really good places to go. If you would like his details, let me know.
I will be going back, most certainly, in a few years!

Looking forward to the next holiday ;)


  1. omg this looks like so much fun, you know I've literally booked a ticket lol :)

    1. really? awww u NEED our driver, he's so amazing!

  2. Never been there and looking at these photos makes me just wanna pack my bags and leave miserable UK.


    1. You need to visit Morocco at least once in this lifetime, its so amazing and essential

  3. Looks like u had so much fun hun, beautiful pics, I plan on visiting Morocco someday soon

    1. You definitely should, it was amazing hun!

  4. Your trip looks pretty amazing! Will have to add Morocco to my bucket list!

  5. Morroco is next on my list i planned to go next year once uni is over... Then i read this lol



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