Tuesday, 11 June 2013


June is so far so good! £306 worth of goodies so I can't complain - I'm also thinking about doing a giveaway soon too ;) my room is seriously getting cluttered with all this stuff and I love to share so... you know! Anyway, this post is slightly different from my haul posts, but I'll still try and give you the prices and product information and how I got it hold of the items where I can.

The first few items are from a seminar I attended with Clinique at the Royal Courthouse Hotel for the launch of their new 'Dramatically Different moisturising lotion+' which will be launching in July! We all also got a full size bottle to try out before the launch and the rest of their '3 Step' which they are best known for.
I have oily combination skin and it works fine on me, its lightweight and hydrating so it gives my skin that drink it needs. I would still recommend that if you have oily skin that you use their gel instead, but I still an get away with using it on my drier days!

We all also received their most recent foundation, the Even Better cream to compact powder, which is too dark for me but I will use it on my holiday and also two of their new nail polishes. 

Cliniques liquid facial soap, clarifying lotion, dramatically different moisturising lotion +, foundation and two nail polishes, £112

I entered a competition with Rayjeweled Beauty and won!!! I knew I had to enter because I have wanted to try Sleek lipsticks for a while but never got round to purchasing! I am officially in loveeeee with Vamp one of their shades, if you follow me on Instagram, the last picture of me with red lipstick is Vamp. It's amazing, like a very deep and rusty red, yum... New fave?

Five Sleek lipsticks and one pout paint, £30 - she did purchase when it was 3 for 2 so she technically got it for £20

Last but not least, all these products below from MAC, Clinique and Jo Malone... all received by winning an incentive from work... HAPPY DAYS!

Three MAC brushes, three refill shadows, facial wipes, number 48 lashes, fascinating eye kohl, studio finish concealer, pro palette case and Clinique's anti-blemish spot treatment gel, total £125 



  1. You lucky girl! I'm loving the MAC goodies :)
    ps what do you think of the Jo Malone Candle?


    1. Its lovely, the scent I got however wasn't that strong though, there are definitely better ones


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