Sunday, 26 August 2012

All things beauty - full

New in this month! I must say I truly believe I'm the Queen of MAC!

Above: Russian Red, Love Lorn (lipsticks) and a cremesheen glass
Above: NEW IN.. Fix+ spray, I use this to set my foundation, Kinda Sexy and Morange lipstick, Ambering Rose and Raizin powder blush, select cover up concealer in NC45 and my 130 brush which I use for studio tech foundation.
Above: Me in Kinda Sexy lipstick, its matt just like Ruby Woo

Above: Can you see the lighter and darker areas of my face? I use the Select Cover Up concealer on my forehead just above my brows, down the bridge of my nose, under my eyes past my cheeks and I stop when I am parallel to my nose, I'm sure you can see the lighter and darker areas of my face, but this is how I contour my face. I use Sleeks contour kit for my forehead and the sides of my face.

Above: RESTOCK. Everything above are items I have previously owned, MAC's blot powder, NC50 Studio Fix fluid foundation, the NC50 concealer in the pot and Patisserie lipstick. My favourites. 

Above: L'oreal lipstick in number 274. I love it!

I've been going around hunting different foundations but I can't seem to find anything above MAC NC50 that blends perfectly with my skin... I went foundation testing and got some samples but I still feel a bit iffy about purchasing anything new... is it a case of sticking to what I know?

Any recommendations? 


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Mini Topshop Haul

I know I have a half year resolution to not spend but I couldn't help myself, I purchased two pairs of shorts in the Topshop sale and a new pair of rose gold and black heels which were £65. I purchased them at the right time because this heatwave is killing me. 
Sorry because of the lack of blogging, I have been so busy with my new job and redoing my room (post below) that I have had no time to myself. As you all should know my laptop is broken so I only get to use the PC at home when my brothers are on a toilet break lol! But I have come back with two posts so I hope you can all forgive me lol. 

Love you all x


Extreme Makeover

Hey buddies! How are you all? I have had a LOT of people asking me a lot of questions about my new room above ^ I put some pictures on twitter, instagram and on my tumblr and the questions are still coming in so I'm here to do an in-depth post about my room. 

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Zara Must Have!!!

I need these shoes! I really want to purchase but my half year resolution is to stop spending! They are quite cheap, only £40! Hmmmm.... *twiddles thumbs*

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