Sunday, 19 August 2012

Extreme Makeover

Hey buddies! How are you all? I have had a LOT of people asking me a lot of questions about my new room above ^ I put some pictures on twitter, instagram and on my tumblr and the questions are still coming in so I'm here to do an in-depth post about my room. 


Above: some examples of pictures I came across on tumblr 

Above: A picture of my friend  Melissa's wardrobe. (Her blog *Melissa's Wardrobe* click for redirection)

I have known about the Muji acrylic cubes for more than a year now, you may have seen or heard of Muji from BeautyByJJ as she spoke about them a few months after. Very handy.

My initial budget was £600 because my mum had agreed to pay for the bed, very unrealistic of me, the initial cover for the main storage fit into that bracket but I purchased so much more. If you are thinking of doing up your room I suggest you save approximately £1200 at least the paint was £25 for two pots of Dulux paint from Homebase, and the builder charged around £150 to fix everything, these are the little things I forgot to calculate.

This is a slight idea of how my room looked before, it's not clear, yes I know, but you can see the furniture I had in my room before, this wardrobe is actually semi new, it was built and then stored in my garage for a few years, the only reason the doors are off the hinges is because of when the built wardrobe was being carried up the stairs. The red bedpost you can see in the corner is from when we had bunk beds, me and my sister used to share a room up until two years ago when I was at uni, I was away so my room became a storage space, when I came down I'd either sleep in my sisters room or my mums. I never used this bed, the wardrobe or the chest of drawers... what a yuck colour. The walls were cream and brown and were only painted last summer but I hated it, it was far too dark, I couldn't do my make up or feel at peace.

Mid process - my room being painted white because the brown walls were far too dark to paint over. 

... And this is my favourite view of my room, my make up station. I have a mirror drilled on the wall above the surface. It was spontaneous me buying it, I knew my make up would be on top of my chest of drawers and whilst I was out shopping I thought... heyyyy how will I see myself lol. and I came across this mirror  from Ikea again which is actually perfect! My acrylic storage which EVERYONE keeps on asking me about (I don't mind the questions by the way, the caps lock is just for emphasis) is from Muji, I didn't get the one BeautyByJJ got, I got this one in this link > Muji cube the lipstick holder from eBay is from here > Lipstick Holder

My shoe display which I have received the most questions about was from Ikea too, it was actually supposed to be a bookshelf but when I was looking for storage for my heels I didn't find anything, if you want to purchase it, it is called the Billy bookcase band it was only £32, I did have to buy two extra planks of wood because the bookcase only came with 5 and I knew I needed 7 based on the height of my heels. (If you wear kitten heels for example, you would need 8) but I do recommend it, it looks so pretty and presentable!

Photo frames £1 each from Ikea, the pink fairy lights were £14.99 from Argos. 
Funny enough, when choosing this bed, the main reason why I went for it was because I wanted one that I could wrap fairy lights around lol. I had the image of my whole room in my mind and took the steps to re create it.

These chest of drawers from Ikea (looks way smaller than it is) is so fab, its steady, solid and has the perfect finish, there are cheaper ones but I really wanted to invest in something that would last. Ikea are known for their £50 and under chest of drawers but if I'm being honest... you do get what you pay for.

My wardrobe came in at £259, and was absolutely worth it, it is actually bigger than how it looks in the picture. The wardrobe was supposed to come with one sliding door but the good thing about Ikea is that you can select how you want your furniture to be so I chose two mirrored doors, you could have the one door and it would have been cheaper. It's big inside so I have separate compartments for bags, shoes, scarfs, winter wear and summer wear. 

Absolutely in love with my new bed, it is the most comfortable thing I have slept on, the frame was £159 which my mum purchased and the mattress, I really don't know, it was a memory foam... that's all I remember.

This storage from Ikea is excellent, it saves so much space and allows you to be neat and organised too. It was only £12 too... I think... lol.  well, it was most definitely under £20 and will last you a long time and save a lot of hassle so its a great recommend. I have many of pairs of eyelashes, various nail polishes, jewellery and so forth so it allows me to keep it one space.

As you can see by the post, you will be able to tell that one of the most important things was to have enough storage. This is why I chose to have storage for my heels, shelves drilled on the wall and dividers in my chest of drawers and I do think if you are looking to redecorate your room, storage it is something you should definitely think about.  

In regards to the budget, It definitely is do able, depending on your income. If you work full time then you will get at least £800 £900 or £1000 a month, put half aside, be patient. Ironically, I was so impatient, I moved home from university, all my luggage was all around the house and I just wanted a part of the house to call mine so I redecorated the room almost immediately. It didn't take me long to save as I had money already. I cannot tell you exactly how much I spent because it is an ongoing process, even on Friday I purchased some new items so it's an ongoing process, Just save and enjoy the process and the completion. If  you need any more help do not hesitate to contact me! x



  1. I'm meant to be redecorating my room as well but I can't find a white bed that I like. Would you ask your mum where she purchased yours from please? x

  2. Ikea hun, the matress is from Ikea too

  3. Time to get a few of these things. love the way you stores your shoes but I got to fat industry sewing machines taking up all the space. Im going to by force find a way to store my shoes like that. LOVE THIS POST!


  4. Loving the room make over! Was wondering what size your wardrobe is (the dimensions etc) As I'm looking to get a wardrobe myself but at the moment I'm so indecisive as I don't want one that's too big, but then I don't want it to be too small,and yours looks like it's a good size!


  5. Width: 145 cm
    Depth: 58 cm
    Height: 203 cm


  6. your room looks amazinggg lol

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.


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