Sunday, 19 August 2012

Mini Topshop Haul

I know I have a half year resolution to not spend but I couldn't help myself, I purchased two pairs of shorts in the Topshop sale and a new pair of rose gold and black heels which were £65. I purchased them at the right time because this heatwave is killing me. 
Sorry because of the lack of blogging, I have been so busy with my new job and redoing my room (post below) that I have had no time to myself. As you all should know my laptop is broken so I only get to use the PC at home when my brothers are on a toilet break lol! But I have come back with two posts so I hope you can all forgive me lol. 

Love you all x


1 comment:

  1. dem shoes!! u need to post on OOTD with them soon


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