Sunday, 15 January 2012

T'was The Season To Be Jolly

Hi Guys, I forgot to ask you all how your Christmas was! Mine was great, I love being surrounded by my family and especially since I am a Christian; Christmas was a celebration for me. I got such cute presents and loved the things that I gave out.
On new years day I went to church (Kensington Temple in Notinghill) and as usual I cried myself into the new year, I can be so soppy at times.
I hope this year is a very good, productive and prosperous year for you. My motto is #NoDaysOff and #Ambition.... Thanks Wale your album inspired me. I have been listening to Kanye West - Spaceship as well and I always feel elevated! Lets hope this feeling lasts. 
What are some of your new years resolutions? I'd love to hear. Email me: or tweet me @RamiCoco 

Michael Korrs cosmetic bag and perfume.

Lovely hamper full of wine and chocs :)

This is how chaotic my kitchen looks on Christmas day, the food is so yum!

MAC make up brushes, lots of bath sets (happens every Christmas) New look and Topshop vouchers, money, wine, Rihanna's album (from my baby bro - so touched) and Uniqlo slippers

NYX Glitter Cream Pallett (LOVE IT!)

Aztec skirt and Aldo wedges.

Loved all my pressies and my lovely company; Until next year xoxo


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  1. I like your motto and I love Wale's album. I WORE it out! Happy New Year :-)


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