Saturday, 14 January 2012

Organisation Is Key

Recently tidied my room and sorted my items out. Yes- it took ages but I can finally find my items without turning my room upside down lol. Tip to all the ladies; head over to Marks and Spencer's and buy a glass tumbler for £1 to put all your brushes in. Fantastic and it looks nice too :D

I have so much lipstick that if you stole a few I wouldn't even notice, I stacked them into a box that came with my Christmas present. #TeamRecycling lol!

Let's get organised ladies!

We have all seen the acrylic cube that the Kardashian's use to store their make up, it looks so neat and pretty; a friend of mine recently wanted to purchase the original one but it was all sold out. She discovered a website called Muji that sells an alternative for only £11.50. It comes with two drawers so the more make up you have the more sets you would have to buy, the good thing is all you would need to do is stack them on top of each other! 

Another example of how the acrylic cube looks.

Acrylic Box - 2 Drawers With Flip-Top Lid Wide
The Muji cube available here!

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