Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Birthday Wishlist

So it's that time again, I'm turning 22 on Saturday! *deep sigh* I find I'm listening to Taylor Swift's '22'  more and more often as if to say it provides me with comfort... loooool. You may think i'm exaggerating, but ageing is so daunting to me, what's more daunting is me ageing without achieving all that I want to achieve. 

With that, I thought I would conjure up a list of things I definitely won't receive -but a girl can dream. :) 
Actually, I did get 4 from this list last year/ 6 from this one. I have included the links where I can, but where I haven't, I have put in brackets where i'm assuming you can get the items from. 

Face Steamer (Argos)
Inflatable Bath Pillow (eBay)
Armani watch (John Lewis)
Lion King theatre tickets (Ticketmaster) 


Monday, 1 April 2013

Why Do You Wear Make Up? #Tag!

(Source: Tumblr, edited by me)

Hello guys, happy April and happy Easter Monday! Hope you are having a fab time and spending the holidays with your loved ones :) I saw this tag a while ago and considered doing it back then, I don't really do much of these tagged posts (scared or boring you all to death lol) but I really should, it's a great way to get to know each other and I would love it if you would do the tag too and post your blog links in the comment box below, it would be amazing to see what everyone has in common with each other.

1. When did you begin loving make-up? 

Hmmmm, I have loved make up for a while, funny, I remember when I first wore make-up (it was only eyeliner). It was my 16th birthday and one of my close friends bought me eyeliner for my birthday, I absolutely loved it, but found it so hard to use, she did teach me and that was all I wore for the whole summer that year- eyeliner, lol. But I honestly thought that it transformed me, I felt invincible, haha! Then I got to college and was introduced to sleek eye shadows and that's literally all I wore for a whole year, bright eye shadows and eyeliner, it must have been an awful sight. It wasn't till I was 18 that I started wearing foundation and lipstick, my first lipstick was from The Body Shop as recommended by a friend, she told all of us and we all raced to Body Shop after college - it was hilarious.

I fell in love with make up 100% probably this time last year, I've always liked make up, but yes, last year is when the romance began and I started building my whole collection. 

2. How do you feel without make-up?

Absolutely fine, most days I go without it actually, I don't have spot prone skin and it is more clear than it is congested so I'm usually fine. It could be a bit more even toned however. The main and probably only reason I hate going without make up is that I look like a walking throwback. Spookily young. We all laugh at our throwback pictures and so forth but i honestly still feel like I look the same lol, I haven't changed, I think it's just my make-up that has.

3. What do you like about make-up?

It's like art isn't it? The ability to enhance your beauty firstly, it really annoys me when boys (see how I didn't say men lol) bash girls that like make-up, it's so pretty! I don't think it should be used as a mask to create something new but I do think it should be used to to enhance beauty. I like how it can change the angles in your face - through contouring especially. I also love how you can see personalities through make up, if you're an emo, a goth or a girly girl, make up expresses that.

4. Three 'Holy Grail' items;

Choosing three is VERY hard lol, I love basically everything in my collection, hmmmm....

I tag you all! looking forward to seeing all your answers! xoxo

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