Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Wash My Brushes With Me :D

Welcome to my bathroom, haha! 
This is a routine I do every Sunday, either in the afternoon or evening, it's long, it's annoying... but it HAS to get done :( plus it can be therapeutic too. I used to hate washing my brushes, I tried everything to avoid doing so... worst investment so far is MAC's brush cleanser, I hate the fact that it's not a spray so I have to pour all the solution out onto a tissue or a cloth, but it still doesn't thoroughly cleanse my brushes... blah

What I do suggest is Clinique's brush cleaner, you can use this mid week or on the go, but I still recommend you clean your brushes, skin is delicate and it deserves the best.. it's the first thing people look at usually... your face! Please don't go and give your self unnecessary and avoidable rashes or blemishes because your brushes ain't clean girls!

This is how my brushes tend to look by the end of the week, it's harddddd to clean foundation out of brushes especially when you're black, lol. Its the truth. When I'm cleaning brushes from my caucasian clients, it's 10 times quicker. But we get there in the end so its fine. 

I used to use facial cleanser when cleaning my brushes, that's what I was told to do. But it doesn't really clean the brushes properly, cleaning the brushes with shampoo makes sense since brushes are made mostly from hair. I do suggest however, you use baby shampoo as it's more gentle. You don't want to use anything that is too harsh which will then come in contact with your'e skin.

Another thing I have to do on a Sunday is clean my beauty area, If you follow me on twitter (@RamiCoco) you'll know that, as I regularly tweet updates. 
I have a lot of things so it's important that I organise myself before my week begins. 



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