Saturday, 22 September 2012

And the award for best mascara goes to...

Hey ladies! So I know a lot of people are always searching for that one mascara that does wonders for their lashes, so I thought it would be quite useful for me to do a post about my top 3 mascaras to save you time and money. I have very short lashes, so if I'm not wearing false lashes I'm in desperate need of a good quality mascara. I've used some high street brands- Rimmel 'sexy curves' mainly and it is nice, I would buy it again but the high end mascaras I've found are quite good value for money, based on results. So this post is for the high end mascaras, I have only applied one coat of each to my lashes, I have also included pictures so you can see the comparison for yourself and I hope this post is a useful tool for you. Anyway... Let's get started!

Coming in at number 3....

YSL false lash effect mascara for £23.
I must say when I first tried this mascara I was very disappointed, my Rimmel one does the same job or it may even be better. It's just an average mascara to be honest. I was told it was so great which led me to purchase it, it is good, but amazing? No. And for £23? No... However I would like to try the 'Shocking' one in the near future, apparently that one is better.

Coming in at number 2...

Cliniques High Impact extreme volume mascara £17.
I love this mascara, I really like how it stretches out my lashes. The only reason it's number two is because I don't always like volume and length. I'm more swayed to length. I've recommend this mascara to a lot of people and the feedback has been crazy. I love it! I would definitely buy it again. Worth the money.

And the award for best mascara goes to... *drumroll* benefit!

The 'they're real' mascara costs £18.50 for both the normal size and mini travel size mascara. Very good value for money, it's actually amazing. I never believed my lashes could look this long. I would definitely recommend this mascara.

I think one if the reasons why the Clinique and Benefit mascaras stretch my lashes so much is because of the actual wand, of you look at the actual wands you'll see that they are very similar. I think this new wave wand needs to be here to stay because the results of both mascaras are outstanding! If you like mascara on your bottom lashes, try Clinique's bottom lash mascara. Really good, I no longer have to worry about the consistent smudging of my under eye area because the wand is to big.

Hope this helped ;) x



  1. The Benefit mascara is the best one I've ever tried! The results were insane may have to blog my pics!

    Great post!

  2. You have to try YSL Shocking its great but it does dry out a bit quick.

    Love your necklace, where is it from?

  3. yhhh I might, i'm scared to waste £23 again though :( I'll try it on the counter first before I buy it, unlike the last time.

    Thanks hun, Just sent you a message on twitter x

  4. The evidence speaks for itself.
    Good post boo x

  5. I really want to the try the Clinique one. For me the plastic brushes work the best. I've tried loads out but Max Factor False Lash Effect fusion is one of my faves.

  6. Great post doll & I LOVE your braids! I'm following you now! :-)



  7. i've tried the benefit one and it's amazing! p.s your eyebrows are PERFECT! x

  8. I've been searching for the best mascara. Might give Benefit a go, thanks! P.s Love your braids!

  9. Thank you girls, yes I love the Benefit one! Promise, I think I may need to try that mascara too!

    And thanks, I'm loving the braids but they get so messy far too quickly *sigh*

  10. Your skin is flawless! I'm loving that statement jewelry too :)


  11. Very informative review! :)
    Hey girl!
    I just found your blog, I like it very much, so I'm your newest follower!
    Do you want to follow each other? :)

  12. likeee your blog,
    keep up the good work!!



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