Friday, 15 March 2013

March Bits and Bobs

Hey guys, so it's been a while since I did a haul I hear you say? Not to worry! I think this one is a good'un! I have been a bit of a spender this month, but most of these were bargains so that's the best part! Some of these were not actually purchased, hence why the title doesn't say 'haul'.

First in, Lady Gaga's Viva Glam,
I didn't actually get to try these on before I chose it, so it was a bit of a risk, when I saw these two, I thought they may be close to 'Angel' Kim Kardashians fav' and 'Honey Love'... They aren't. lol. But it's nothing a bit of lip liner won't fix, I do not however recommend this (for black girls anyway) it's really clear by wearing it, they were not made for darker skin tones.

Next in, Clinique's Turnaround moisturiser, I copied my close friend actually, her skin has improved dramatically since using this and their '3 Step' so I thought I'd give this a go, it was on my wish list and when I saw the moisturiser in this set for the same price of the moisturiser alone, I thought 'bargain alert!!'

You may remember my mascara review post a few months back and Clinique's high impact was number 2, well I really love it now, occasional clumping but the pro's outweigh the cons so I'm staying loyal to this one, I do love Benefits one but this one gives a bit more volume.

Also, when you purchase two items or more from Clinique, you get a free gift, this was the Boot's gift, my favourite out of them all, I was very excited to try the rinse off foaming cleanser as I heard so many positive reviews about it and so far I actually do love it.

After watching youtube video from one of my fav beauty vloggers 'MsRoshPosh' I decided to finally take the leap into purchasing a gel liner, I originally wanted to try MAC's Blacktrack but I have heard so many negative views about it, in the video, MsRoshPosh who is a MAC Makeup Artist said she uses the L'oreal infallible liner, I tried everywhere in the UK and it seems like they don't sell it here, I then came across the L'oreal Superliner Intenza which has exactly the same packaging as the infallible. The sales girl in Boots said that they are the same but sometimes have different names in different countries for marketing purposes.

I still don't know how to use it though -_-

I didn't actually buy this, I won it from work! At first I wasn't that excited because I have a Macbook and an iPhone, it just seemed like 'Apple' overload and I am not sponsored by them so why do I need to advertise so much? lol. I love it now, it's so handy, I take it everywhere, especially because of the Diary app, I am so organised now.

Some ASOS bits, I am particularly excited bout the chunky bracelet!

The Ben Nye Final Seal spray is amazing so far, I will give you a full review this weekend when I have really tested it out properly.

Last but not least, these beauties from River Island, I wasn't particularly interested in Rihanna's collection when I went to purchase something from there but I did come across these (not the clearest picture sorry)

Until next time my loves.
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